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Is that smoke coming out of it or just a cloud?

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thanks, all...

Jay, i didn't have any problem with any white arcs at the corners. all i did was shoot the pics (i had the camera on a monopod, and simply pivoted the 'pod on its base, so there was no vertical displacement between images), then load them into Arcsoft... the program did most of the rest. i had to match up the reference points, but the software seems to have done its job! :G

Jussiuk, the cloud above and to the left is just a cloud, but the plume rising from the crater center is steam. there was a small steam and ash "eruption", about half an hour before i took this shot, that sent a plume about 1500 feet above the crater rim before it dissipated in the wind - those are pretty common from St. Helens these days.the lava dome is growing pretty steadily, and there arelots ofsmall earthquakes (magnitude 2-3) around the mountain, and almost daily puffs of steam and/or ash from the crater. i wasn't worried about anythingserious, though- there was a herd of elk resting down in the valley between the observatory and the mountain, and if there were to be any sign of more violent activity, they'd have been long gone... animals have a 6th sense like that...
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