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Not an action shot, but I also got this shot of the Bucs' dugout which turned out to be my kids' favorite. Again, we were in the nosebleed seats and I could not tell who was in this pic until we got home and took a look.

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You willhave good resultssetting the camera to aperaturepriority or manual mode to stop action.I find the sports mode setting somewhat lacking. The camera will performbest in bright sunlight.

I shoot in the daytime with an FZ-10 set on manual, -1/3 to -2/3 exposure, 1/640 or higher (prefer 1/1000), and what ever the day will give me for aperature (F 4.0 is best)to get the shutter speed.

If you are shooting night games, it is a whole different story! Stopping action at night requires a high iso capability not currently found on anything but a DSLR.
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Thanks for your inputs. It seems the FZ5 is very capable of capturing respectable action sports shots and I realize it's not, nor are any other cameras in this category, will be able to capture shots like the ones taken by pros. That said, I would be very pleased if I can just capture football pictures (they don't necessarily have to be "precise" once in a lifetime shot - would be sweet but I know it's not going to happen; as long as the pictures turn out clean like the baseball action shots posted here, I can deal).

Someone pointed out that Aperture mode should be used. I thought Shutter mode is better?
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With this cam go with aperture at around 4.0 - 5.6. Shoot alot. Don't go for the one shot. Anticipate the action and shoot. Stay wide in your shots at first and then try some zoom.

Also, give shutter priority a go as well. I found that going with aperture got me the best results with this cam (FZ10,20)
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"Shoot alot" also means using burst mode a lot. It's so much easier than trying to anticipate and capture the action exactly right. I've taken many pix of my son's soccer (daytime outdoors) and hockey,and the FZ5 has no problem whatsoever with the daytime shots. Shutter speeds of 1/320-800 in sun, maybe as low as 1/150 in cloud, they are all plenty fast for freezing the action. In fact, sometimes too frozen,andI find I need to slow the shutter enough to get some blur on the ball.

Hockey rinks are a challenge with their generally poor lighting (1/60 to 1/30 sec). I suspect (but haven't tried it) that football stadiums are better lit than most rinks, so your speeds will be somewhat higher, but motion blur may still be a problem. Hope that helps!
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My FZ15 works really well for daylight sports but I'm still learning how to use it in low light conditions.
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