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Hiroshi wrote:
imaruke wrote:
Looks great Hiroshi! Glad to see it worked out for you. I must say though, when shooting into the sun youwill definitely appreciated the "Howitzer Hood".

If you are trying to carry everything, try theTamrac Adventure 8 backpack. It will hold everything.
FYI....I picked up a Tamrac Velocity #9 bag yesterday. I like the swing around to the front feature to get my camera and accessories out without having to remove it from my body. I packed everything in it. Here's the inventory of everything I put in it with plenty of room to spare.

FZ20 with Phayee, Tamron "Howitzer"hood, TCON 14B, WCON 08B, Sunpak 383 with Stofen hood, Hoya 72mm collapsible lens hood, Nikon 6T, Polarizer, FZ20 & Phayee front ring, all the cables, lens brush, lens paper, lens cleaner, lens air bellows, extra batteries, and all the manuals.

I like this bag and the convenience of being able to carry it like a back pack
Sounds like everything fits great.I dolike the alternative design. I looked at them before I bought the backpack. They where not large enough for all the crap I haul around. Icarry way too much with me, but hate to be without something.

I even carry a full size bath towel to sit or kneel on when shooting. I roll this up very very tightly and insert it inside the Howitzer hood, and into the top compartment of the Adventure 8. The lower compartment holds the camera with pana hood, flash, LTZ10 tcon and support bracket, UV filter,polarizing filter, flash batteries, extra camera batteries, SD card holder, and screen covers. The front pocket holds the charger, power cord, strap, rubber hood, velcro ties, and a large plastic bag incase of severe rain. The 2 side pouches hold all remaining cables,extra strap,card reader, lens cleaning fluid and tissue, lens pen, and lens cloth (couldn't make up my mind which I liked best).

Carrying this around all day can wear you out, but I never had to wish I had brought something with me.

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Imaruke, that's quite a load to carry, but I agree with you about being prepared. One other thing you might consider for targeted short trips, is a safari photo vest. The one I have has 21 pockets. You can put everything you described in it and more. The large pouch in the back can carry your towel and the Tamron hood + and you can insert your tripod between the netting and cloth back panels. I like it because you can distribute the weight around your body.

Here's a pic of a similar one from CampCo, available at B&H for $49.95:

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