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Here are a couple of shots from today (8/1). The nest has grown somewhat in the last 12 days. They're adding layers. It's really fascinating to watch - one of the many unexpected perks to being a digicam freak. The nest is about 12 ft from the ground. I mow the grass under it with no problem. The hornets have never seemed agitated. If I wanted to get rid of them I would get one of those aresol hornet sprays that sprayabout 20 ft. Wait until dusk when the nest is full for the night and relatively inactive. Spray directly into the hole and leave. Wait a couple of days and inspect. That is certainly not what I plan on doing. I've become very attached to these critters. I hope they don't become attached to me. Now if I canonly keep the kids next door from stoning the nest! That is the much larger task. I'm taking many photos daily and will post the entire series when all is said and done.

FZ5 at 7x

FZ5 tele macro w/ tl55 from ~5ft away; cropped ~50%

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Thanks for the additional pics. I don't plan on disturbing mine at all. They are in the back yard away from the house, the grass can grow around there and not 'disturb' the neighbors. No way for kids to even see it, they eat flies and are generally good I think. I'd rather observe them. Seeing how you got 5 feet from them, I think I'll try tomorrow as my nest is literally about 3 foot off the ground! The one here is dangling from one scrawney limb that got broken in a storm. I think it originally was about 20 foot high. Nice post. If I get stung badly, I'll blame it on you for getting too close!
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