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In the "other forum" there was a posting last week quetioning if the FZ20 was good enough for wedding from a semi- professional angle.

Most of the responses were negative pointing out the shortfalls of the camera (those that we all know- dark viewfinder/screen, sluggish start etc.)

I started trembling as that same weekend I was going to photograph (officially ) a wedding of one of my friends daughter.

I thought that some of the responses where unjustified. I commented that "the bad worker ……….." and asking for wishes of good luck I went ahead as planned and photographed the wedding.

These are some of the results.http://www.alberto-botella.fotopic.net

One of the "negatives" in the forum has pointed out. "if the couple can not afford a professional the Panasonic 'pro', the fz20 will give them some nice shots but it doesn't compare with professional work" and that my pics where full of flash shadows and messy background at the ceremony.

What do you think?

Can judge the rest of the pics at:

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I love wedding pictures! I just love the outdoor pictures! You did a good job! If those were my wedding pictures, I'd be very happy!
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Someone always complains......

These are 1000% better than the pictures at my own wedding 25 years ago, and we did have a reputable pro with the usual assortment of film cameras, battery packs, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious flashes, etc, etc (harumph, harumph!!).

The poor guy even had an assistant (underpaid for all the crap he had to carry, I think) with whom he would swap cameras as he needed more film during the proceedings.

I wish mine looked as good as yours

And you should have seen the bill!!!!

I was robbed, robbed!


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This was a VERY admirable job! Nice work! Print them out, put afrilly oversized album together, and viola. 1/2 of that wedding stuff is all about presentation, anyway. Truthfully, when she shows these, I don't think anyone would be the wiser.

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AWESOME SHOTS!!! Did you use an external flash or the on-camera flash?
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On the customer's end, as long as you shot with a low ISO (80), they wouldn't be able to tell the difference. On the photographer's end, well....Now you know. Was it hard shooting the wedding? Did you feel like you missed any important or "good" shots b/c the camera/equipment wasn't ready?

I love the pics, they are great. The only thing negative I find with my FZ20 is sometimes the focusing and if I need to crop, I find I lose too much quality. Of course a better photographer probably wouldn't have these problems. Bravo on the pics!
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