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:G:G:G You know, I know I shouldn't be LMAO, but I keep thinking it coulda been worse..... it could have been me !! Let it be known however, that your sacrifice was not in vain and I DO appreciate you taking one on the chin for me . I cut all my grass EXCEPT around the hornets nest here. I plan to let them live out the season, but if they even hint about coming near me, I'll be grabbing a few cans of 'equilizer' myself!

My brother says to wait until evening, spray from a distance two evenings in a row. When you think they've been exterminated, spray into the hole and leave. And you should be good. If you want to make sure you've got them all, do as was mentioned prior and 'shake the nest a bit. If there's any left, I'm sure they'll come out :evil:
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There is very little activity around the nest this morning - one lonely hornet buzzing around the opening where a few dead soldiers lie. I saturated the nest with Raid Wasp & Hornet spray(acitive ingredients tetramthrin and permethrin, 0.2% each - sprays up to 22 feet) getting as much into the entrance hole as possible last night when the nestwas full and thehornets sleeping, as recommended. Right now it's still soaked with insecticide. I'll wait for a couple of days to let it dry out and then see if it is totally inactive and perhaps salvageable.
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