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I was scratching my leg, the strap got caught on my foot, i put my foot down and bam camera flew out of my hand onto the ground. It was off, which was kinda lucky. No lens damage, nothing damaged at all and the camera takes perfectly good photos. Two problems, one minor, one major. Minor: thread on the front of the camera is stuffed, so that ring is stuck on it. (not the focusing ring, thats fine, just the ring for the adapter).
MAJOR problem: Menu button doesnt work anymore. It clickable, makes the usual clicky noise and all that, but just doesnt DO ANYTHING. Im pretty sure it was working before when I first dropped it, today is the second day after and for some its not working anymore. What can i do?? I have never felt so bad in my life, this cost me $AUD 800!!:shock:
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Those tips are good, and probably your best bet. Aside from that, I'd say call an authorized Panasonic repair center. While it's doubtful your warranty covers this (if it's even in the warranty period still) due to 'abuse' or 'misuse', they can probably take care of you for a reasonable price.

Sorry to hear about that - it's one of my greatest fears :sad:
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