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I have the opportunity to take photos at a local Golf Event and need to make it good. I need ideas on settings and how to shoot for the best pictures. I use a FZ20.

Would I want to use a filter. How fast to shoot, Manual or Program settingsect.....

This is my first opportunity of this kind and I want to make good on it.

Any help would be great.

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I have no experience at shooting golf, but you will need to use a fast shutter speed,if you are trying to catch the swing.

Just a guess but it would need to be faster than 1/500 th of a second.

And while a Polarizer would add a nice effect it would rob you of a Fstop or two which you can not afford for the action shots.

I like to use Aperture Priority to assure a properly exposed photo but that can cause too slow of a shutter speed for action. If you try it on the action use F2.8.

I think the best thing to try is get a friend to swing a golf club or stick to see if you can freeze the action.

If not stick to other types of shots where I think the FZ20 will excel.

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There is absolutely no reason to use a fast shutter speed and freeze the action. Anyone can take that shot. Use a slightly slower shutter so that the clubs come out blurry. This will give a sense of motion and add a little twist to the image. If you use the right settings, the players and everything else will come out sharp. But don't overdo it. Too many of these shots won't look good either.

The best thing to do (if possible) would be to go there before the game and take a few practice shots of people playing there. That way you will get an idea how to set the camera. Use the Program mode to get the settings, and use those settings in manual mode to start off. Then tinker with them untill you see something you like.

Try and use manual focus most of the time. If you are not used to that, then stick with auto focus.

Yes, a polarizer will help, but not something you necessarily need. Also, you may not have the necessary attachments to use a polarizer so forget about it.

Most importantly, don't just stand there. Sit, lay down on the grass, get onto a higher place. Take photos from different points and heights to get variety. Maybe get the camera really close to the ball on the grass and try to capture a lot of background and field. You don't necessarily have to focus on the ball either. This is where manual focus helps.

Be creative, and have fun. And remember; break all the rules.
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