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Treemonkey wrote:
With a RRP of $1100 AU in Oz and with cameras like the Konica Minolta D5 I will not be trading up to a FZ30.

By the way the KM 5D with 18-70 and 75-300mm kit (27-450mm equiv) is going for only $1600 AU, now that is a real good buy. The KM range has IS in the body, combine this with ISO 100-3200, much better dynamic range and you have a camera worth trading up to, I think I will be.
I thought the RRP was AU$1200, which is several hundred dollars over the straight currency translation from American dollars. Sucks, eh?

I've seen the KM 5D with 2 lenses for $1600 also, and it's the camera I'm considering as one of two possible replacements for my FZ10 (the FZ30 being the other possibility).

At $1600 it looks like a winner, but a photographer friend explained to me the bargain basement nature of those lenses. He pointed out that both of them spin when focusing, making polarisers impossible to use. He pointed out that they would use slow noisy motors for AF, not the fast quiet ones we (I) automatically expect. He suggested that they are unlikely to be sharp at full aperture. In short, he thinks anyone who buys more than just the 5D body is nuts. Presumably you then go out and spend much more than $1600 on a couple of "decent" lenses. I know his lenses cost more than his Canon 20D, so he puts his money where his mouth is.

As for the FZ30, I've been looking closely at the sample photos from dpreview, and they seem to be no worse than my FZ10, which is my image quality crition. The other features of the FZ30 (especially the startup speed) look like the answer to all the things that annoy me about the FZ10.

PS Is there any way to turn off this &#@$% WYSIWYG forum editor? It interferes with posting something shocking!
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Here is a thread from Simon where he states his reason for the "recommended"

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I totally agree with Simon's assessment: "We'd rather see Panasonic working on tying it's excellent hardware and optics to a CCD that can deliver better overall picture quality than mindless oneupmanship in the ever decreasing returns of the megapixel race."

Unfortunately, megapixels is something everyone thinks they understand and that , like horsepower in a car, more is better. It is obviously high time the cameraconsumer was educated and brought up to speed on other aspects of photography such as low light performance. Give me some iso and hold the mp's, please.
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Thanks for posting that link to Simon's post and I think he's view is just spot on.

Quote: "
Basically, as the review stated, the FZ30 improves on the FZ20 in every way possible, and is without a doubt the best 'super zoom' camera on the market for anyone serious about photography, "

So that basically sums it up - the FZ30 and eth FZ5 are the best super zoom out there and looking at the DCRsource picts of the Fuji S9000 samples I'd say the FZ30 is the better cam. There's a thread on dpreview on the Fuji sample picts:


Here's the S9000 picture gallery:


Unfortunately the marketing departments seem to have missed the point over image quality and like Fred, I'd rather have better ISO performance over megapixels. I look at the FZ1 picts and for 2MP's the image quality is just amazing.

On another point I wonder if Pana will ship a firmware update at somepoint that may reduce the amount of in-cam NR as well as the updated RAW ACR ?



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Since I've only had my FZ20 since December, I'm not in any rush to upgrade. I also would rather see a larger sensor and some improvement in iso capabilities. That being said, I still have a lot to learn and haven't come close to mastering the capabilities of the FZ20. Down the road, my wife may covet my camera, and I will be in the position to replace it, and I am still debating the idea of moving to a SLR....but don't know whether I want to live without the image stabilization or pay the huge price of a stabilized lens for an slr.

So...I think I'll just make sure I stay happy with the FZ20!
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