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I`ve owned a FZ20 for about 6 months now and over all have been pleased with it. Last night I went out to a night club to take pics for a friend of mine that wasplaying in a band there at the club. The stage lighting was dim. I hadread that the FZ20 view finderhad poor results in dim light. It is indeed verytrue that the viewfinder left a whole lot to be desired!!! The view was so, so dark. It was very difficult to frame the subjects, and I couldn`tsee any detail, like facial expressions, with the view finder. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest, I`d rate the FZ20 view finder at about a 2 in low light,...and that`s being generous.

I see on the message board here that some people have the FZ30. I know the FZ30 has been out for only a short time, but has anyone tried the FZ30 in low light conditions? I sure hope Panasonic has improved the low light view finder capabilities!

By the way, the pics did come out okay, but would have been a whole lot better, if I could`ve seen the subjects! I used my Vivitar 285HV flash, which I`ve used for years with my 35mm gear,with a ISO of 100, and waspleased with the exsposure aspect of the FZ20.
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The EVF and LCD on the Fz30 work better in my opinion...while others do not like the way it works ..go figure.

While they do not gain up they remain at the normal lightness untill you 1/2 press the shutter.

So it is much easier to compose the shot and while not the perfect answer its much better than the previous FZs. IMHO
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