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HarjTT Sep 21, 2005 8:20 AM

This is just a hypothetical question and I'd like to see what people think about it. If Panasonic produced a 4/3 CCD fixed lens FZ with the specs below, how many of you would consider purchasing one:

4/3 CCD sensor
ISO 80 - 1600 (with very good ISO400 and decent ISO800)
Leica designed 28-150/200mm fixed lens (non extending) which was f2.4-3.7
Camera body similar to the new FZ30
Same autofocus system as FZ30
Price point $800USD

I think the cam would be slightly bigger than the FZ30. I think it would be feasible to do as it would be a step up from the LC1\Digilux2 and similar to the new new Sony GR1 although I could be wrong.

From a personal point of view I could live with a 28-150/200 lens.


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fmoore Sep 21, 2005 8:41 AM

HarjTT wrote:

with very good ISO400 and decent ISO800
Probably not for me. I like the size of the smaller fz1/2/3/4/5 and the all-in-one ultra zoom package. I also like those higher iso. I think a smaller sensor will be able to get that in a couple of years. That will be the camera that replaces my fz5.

eddie_dane Sep 21, 2005 9:52 AM

I would be very interested. I've mulled it over and over in my head about eventually jumping to SLR but the idea of carrying all the lenses and associated accessories just doesn't jive with the way I take pictures. Assuming that reasonably priced tele/wide/macro add-ons were available for your hypothetical model, I would jump on it.

CerambyX Sep 21, 2005 11:15 AM

For me the next cam obviously will be an DSLR, so I would just skip this cam.
But your camera's description is quite similar to Sony DSC-R1. This cam is also a killer - Large sensor, nice lens (24mm wide angle!), usable iso up to 800 (max 3200), but the price are some 200$ more than you mentioned. But it also looks like a nice competition to DSLR.
But as I mentioned, tehy are not for me :-)

HarjTT Sep 21, 2005 12:19 PM


I'd be assuming that you'd be able to use any exisiting ad on lens, filters etc - such as the Nikon 6T, etc.

Fred, size wise if it was the same size as the FZ30 I'd be happy but in some ways I prefer the styling of the FZ5/20/10 except it would have to have the FZ30's grip and the other improvements to the ergonomics. It would be really cool if in a couple of years from now you could have a cam with high ISO, low noise and shallow dof all the size of the FZ5.

I'm in two minds about an DSLR so an all in one digicam with a larger sensor combined with a mid-high quality Leica designed lens does appeal. I like the Sony concept but would have prefered a faster lens, a flip viewfinder, I think it looks just big and ugly and at $1000 its a wee bit expensive. DCR has a few updated samples of the Sony that look quiet good that are worth looking at:


eddie_dane Sep 21, 2005 3:59 PM

The thing that doesn't wow me about the RS1 (don't get me wrong, I want it but won't buy it) is the lense. If I could have the RS1 with the panny/leica lense, I'd probably jump on it. I prefer SD memory but thats by no means a deal breaker.

The thing that ultimately keeps me off the slr train is the lenses I know I'd end up buying. When I look at the Canon DigReb 350, I don't see $700 for the body, I see the total $1200 I'd end up buying.

It's the panny 12x lens and the affordable (but reasonably high quality) Oly and nikon lenses that I can get that keep me coming back to panasonic and why what Harj describes as very appealing to me personally.

I just know enough about myself that I would resent the cost of the lenses I purchased not to mention the hassle of carrying them all with slr. I know that much about myself. I'm not saying that all those elements are not worth the money. SLR's are soo much more affordable now compared to two years ago but still more than I want to pay and keep track of.

Treemonkey Sep 21, 2005 6:27 PM

I personally think 4/3rds is not the way to go for a number of reasons
1- Looking at the current 4/3rds (E-300 by Oly) the sensor technology just is not there, it is slow, really slow, its low light capabilities are not dSLR level (noise still an issue).

2- With a crop factor of 2 it gets pretty difficult to make WA lenses, sure telephoto will be amazing but I would love to have true WA.

3- No second hand market for lens and only a few new lens to choose from

I am sure the 4/3rds system will improve but at the moment the current crop of 4/3rds cameras are not convincing.


HarjTT Sep 21, 2005 7:28 PM


I think for a fixed lens digicam a 4/3 sensor paired up with a really good lens such as the Pana/Leica design - similar to the Vario Summincron 28-90 f2-2.4 fitted to the LC1/Digilux 2 would be more than good enough to hold up against a DSLR esp if they have improved the sensor technology. It would in theory also keep the cam at a decent size and hopefully weight but I have to admit that having seen the size of the Oly E300 that could be difficult to achieve.

Being fixed lens and hopefully of a high quality - you wouldn't have to worry about a second hand market for lenses. If you need that extra reach many of us already have teleclose up lenses etc which could be used.

Hopefully, since the E300 - any new 4/3 CCD would have better low light capability and OLy's new E500 which is due soon may just show us if there has been an improvement.

I do think there is market for such a cam - all the benefits of an SLR combined with those from a digicam such as our live preview and histogram, etc.

Would I buy one - I think I would.


Treemonkey Sep 21, 2005 7:45 PM

Sorry my bad, i didnt read "fixed lens". I still wouldnt get one, I would want the flexibility of different lens.


HarjTT Sep 21, 2005 8:06 PM

There's a pretty good discussions on the merits of a DSLR vs A large sensor fixed lens cam such as the R1 here:;forum_id=28;forum_id=28

Also on the Leica digicam forum - theres a lot of pro's waiting for such a cam esp for a 4/3 based cam.


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