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squirlmaybe correct but with the FZ10 you definately needed a vertical edge and maybe I just carried that thinking over to the FZ20....I am not sure.

and I do not have much luck with the 3 pt focus but the one area focus works pretty good for me.

And it is my guess that corcoj used the unsharp mask to sharpen the photo

read about it here


this is another sharpening technique that I use


do not be afraid to play with the sliders with either method.

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RP33 wrote:
Thanks for the help.

...I also noticed that Corcoj really made the picture look a lot better. I am trying to learn Elements, are there any quick clicks that I should try on this series of photos to clear them up. Any Ideas. I am real new to photo shop.
RP33, PhotoShop is an amazing program but very complex. Those with many years of experience using it still have a lot to learn.

I have found that, if all you are looking to do is some quick sharpening, constrast, etc., Picasa2 can't be beat. All the adjustments are automated one-click. And you can work with an entire folder full of images at once in a sort of slideshow fashion. The work I did on your pics took about 10 seconds.

Best of all, the program isfree!
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squirl033 wrote:
the FZ20 doesn't need a 'vertical edge' so much as something with contrast to focus on. give ita reasonably sharp transition between colors - horizontal or vertical isn't really important - and it should do fine. but sometimes if you're using spot mode, and you're focusing on a largearea or subject thathas little contrast, the camera will have a hard time focusing, and sometimes won't focus at all. in this photo, if you were using spot mode and focusing on the golfer's yellow top, there might not have been enough contrast within thespot mode targetzone for the camera toachieve a sharp focus. if you have trouble with this, try using center 1-area focusing; it expands the focal area and increases the camera's ability to 'find' something in the focus area with enough contrast to let the autofocus work. if that still doesn't work, do as genece suggested, and try the 3-area mode, although if you can't achieve a clear focus with single-area mode, chances are the 3-area focus won't help much.

also, make sure you're half-pressing the shutter to let the camera focus before you press the shutter all the way. it takes about half a second to focus. if you're shooting in a situation where the subject won't hold still long enough, focus on something a couple of feet closer than the subject itself, hold the shutter half-pressed to lock the focus, then recompose and shoot. you can also do this with manual focus.
Take a FZ30 and try to focus it on horizontal planes (house siding)

The FZ30 I sent back could not do it.
I turned the camera in portrait mode and snap perfect focus.
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In regards to your action shots not being focused, have you tried using the "sport" mode? It will freeze the action faster and give you a well focused picture. You do need ample light which your golf pictures appear to have.
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