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... maybe it has been said a lot but i´m new here and i couldn´t find anything related to it. Can anyone explain me why the FZ20 has a noise reduction option? if you choose hi instead of std or low what happens? is the noise really reduced? and whats the down point of using noise reduction?

Thanks in advance

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Please friends ... some help here :roll:
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Dear Joao Pedro:

I have a FZ20 since 9 months.

- Contrast and saturation must be set according to the situation:
in some scenes with High Dyn range, it's better setting LOW contrast to achieve most of the details from shadowy and bright areas; the more you increas the Contrast (STD and HIGH) the more the picture will look better but you ll lose data in shadows and will have highlghts overexposure.

- Saturation should be on LOW for indoors (with Manual WB) and STD for outdoors.
You can achieve punchy colorful landscapes with HIGH saturation, but in this case you will also have more NOISE and you'll get worse results for those colors which have been bad balanced by FZ20 WB (maybe too strong greens and Reds, in the latter you'll loose details). So stay away from HIGH Saturation in Macros.

- Sharpening: LOW producess less noise but soft images (you can sharpen them in PS). STD still produces a bit soft pics and a few more noise, but still you can enhance in PP.
HARD Sharpen produces high noise and too marked outlines at 100%, but the pics seen at screen size will look sharper and more detailed.
You ll probably have lower possibilities to further enhance sharpening/USM in PP, for the image is already to the limit of detail rendering (but you can still sharpen it if you heavily resize the 5Mp image).

- NR: this is the less prone to change according to conditions.
Set it ALWAYS to LOW. Details are mostly preserved and fewer NR artifacts (very bad to look at) will emerge, and the pic will look only marginally more noisy (but pointillized noise, not spotty or patchy).
NR algorithm will further worsen the image at Highr settings ("watercolor effect").
I never use STD NR, and only use HIGH NR Setting in one case:
with high DIGITAL Zoom photos, when I don't want to spend much time filtering the pics.

Finally note that it is very important to know how to use NR plugins (infinitely better than FZ's NR) and WHERE to use them (in the areas of your image which need NR).

As is the case with other PP editing on FZ 20 pics, I use to say the latter produces decent images (for a UZ compared with 3x zoom same price compacts).
But you have that BIG zoom.... and the decent pics often tur into GREAT pics if you know how to PP them (and if you ve got the eye and a few technique).

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The NR works as you may suspect but at the cost of losing detail.

I keep the NR set on Low and on the few occasions that the noise seems to be a problem , I run the photo thru Neat Image.

But if you quit looking at the photos at the original size and view them at about full screen on your monitor the noise is not much of a deal.

And from what I have noticed a lot of what some call noise is compression artifacts from not handling the photo correctly.

For the most part if everything is done correctly,from getting the correct exposure (underexposure causes noise) when taking the photo, to putting it on your computer, to printing. You will not see noise at full screen on the monitor or on a 8 X 10 print and larger prints can be dealt with a NR program.
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Thank you very much for your attention i really appreciate it :roll:...

I will run some tests and see it will work ok for me.

Thanks again and if you have any more clues about NR just tell me
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Hi All

I have found that too much use of noise reduction makes the pictures too soft. Also for some recent pictures i have found that high pass sharpening creates a more pleasing picture than incamera sharpening, which i never set to high.

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