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I like #1 better LoveLife. Looks to have slightly better contrast, not quite as "flat" to me.
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sprocket87 wrote:
I like #1 better LoveLife. Looks to have slightly better contrast, not quite as "flat" to me.
You are correct the first picture is slighly sharpened with a tonal shift towards red.

I believe for some unknown reason Panasonic hasdrifted away from the sharpness and correct tonal balance of the FZ10. The 20 delivered sharp results but had a blue cast. The only adjustment used in my FZ10 is a –1/3-exposure bias. I returned an FZ30 because the blue cast was so bad that I had to adjust the W/B 5 click towards red. I could not run with noise control set to low because it was not acceptable at ISO 80. When shooting at normal noise control the pictures got too soft and had to change sharpness to high. Building a noise control Band-Aid with no off position in a camera is admitting defeat. This is not a pretty picture I am painting but is the absolute truth. I have been taking pictures 58 years and have developed a pretty good eye for correctness. If my replacement FZ30, due Friday, does the same thing I will dump it on eBay and stick with the FZ10. The other big mistake was eliminating the power zoom. There is nothing faster then the FZ10 in candid situations. I just had to flip the manual focus button with my left finger, crop zoom and take the picture with my right hand. They reduced the production costs and made some people happy with the retro look. There have been some reports of a lubricant from the focus system staining the inside elements. The other big problem is the manual focus control. It is a royal pain and much too soft, any slight nudge shifts the focus. Panasonic better hope that the people buying this a less discerning then I. You can check out my FZ10 work at

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I find that what you bring to light (no pun intended) about the FZ30 to be invaluable. I have seena review posted by Narmer which shows it to be quite impressive yet I find this forum to be very helpful in what people who use the FZXX share with one another.
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