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I was going to B&H photo tomorrow to pick one up, and for one, they are out of stock and secondly it is a Jewish holiday. Butterflyphoto.com has them the cheapest but I don't know whether or not to trust them. Digitaletailer.com has the FZ30 for $1 more, and if they are reputable then I would go with them, or what anyone suggests, I would appreciate it. Thank you all in advance! Nancy
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wow, i was about to recomend you to beachcamera.com, but i just check their price for the black one and they just increased it by another $20 since i bought mine. So unless you want the silver one then I suggest you to go for it. They got tax free and free shipping. I also believe they got the lowest expedited (2-3 days) shipping compare to other.

Well, that's where I got it before they change their price.
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Hi Nancy,

There have been mixed reviews about Butterflyphoto.com. My experience has been good as far as getting what I wanted.

I did get a call but notfor high pressure sales, but to confirm my shipping address that I gave which was different from by billing address.

I got it in two days free shipping as I had opted for the free shipping 7-10 days.

Turned out to be what I wanted and it was factory new and not grey market.

It was another Pentax *ist DS body which costs about the same as the FZ30.

Hope this helps and again I want to stress that I have read some reviews about this place that were not very good. I opted to give it a try due to price and the production of this particular camera body has ceased for two newer models that obviously cost more but did not have features that were over the top comapred to this one.
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Bought mine from Butterfly last week. Got the whole "we're calling because you're shipping to an address other than your billing address" thing, which turned into an upsell attempt. I took the battery for $40, with no extra shipping, but passed on the extended warranty and filters.

I hate being sold to, but it's not too much to put up with for such good savings.

Wonderful camera. A joy to use.

- Ty

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Got mine from BuyDig for $541 total - took 4 days. Perfect condition. Works Great. Tom
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I bought mine from Cameta Camera on Ebay for $649 which included a nice package with a well padded carrying case, a card reader, etc.

I'm well aware the camera can be had for much less, but I put a lot of importance on customer feedback. Their emails were very friendly and service was very fast!

I can highly recommend them..............

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Nancy, Just saw your request for "where to buy the FZ30". I purchased mine from Amazon. I found places that were cheaper but I had bought a Canon G6 from Amazon earlier in the year and about 60 days later it just quit! I started to contact Canon as it was way past the normal 30 day return, but sent Amazon customer service an email instead. They shipped me a new G6 that day with next day delivery and only requested that I return the defective camera upon receipt of the new one, with a prepaid return form! I thought that was service above and beyond normal so decided to buy my FZ30 from them also and pay a few extra bucks for super service! I have also purchased from Butterfly Photo and didn't like the idea of them calling to try and sell you more! Jim
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