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Using FZ30. How can I decrease shutter priority (1/200 or lower) with out the picture comes out all dark? I know there's a "sport" mode, but I just want to figure this thing out.

also, I saw a lot of posts talking about "PP", what is PP and what does it do to pictures?

thanks for reading
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About the PP it stands for post processing and its a good part of digital photography in fact its a big part of film photos also.

You adjust the photo that the camera puts out to something you may like better if the exposure or focus was not correct.

Generally done with a program such as Photoshop or Paintshop but there are free programs such as Irfanview that are free ..your camera came with a photoeditor..arcsoft.

Now about the shutterspeed it sounds like you want a faster shutterspeed, but in poor light that is not possible.

The things on the camera that control shutter speed are the Sensitivity or ISO the higher the ISO the faster the shutter speeed can be.

The aperture, the smaller the number F2.8 the wider the aperture which leaves in more light which alsopermits a faster shutterspeed.

Now if you really did want to slow down the shutter speed ,that would make the photo too light , not too dark.

And if that was what you want just reverse what I said.

If you picked ISO 400 and an aperture of F2.8 that would allow the fastest shutter speed possible for the light available.

And if you picked ISO80 and a aperture of F11 that would force the slowest shutterspeed possible for the condition.

If I may suggest just use P mode with the ISO on auto until you become a little more famiiar with the camera.
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put you exposure compensation up to max in shutter priority mode - this in effect gives you about 2 more stops....
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