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I am not sure this got posted. My question, if money were not an issue, which of these would you purchase, coolpix 8800 or FZ30. I am confused since the coolpix has been discontinued. I am interested in zoom capacity, and stabilized photos as well as pre set features. If you suggest the FZ30, what accessories would you include?Thanks, I would like pros and cons. I have seen concerns about noise with the FZ30, I assume that is in the image, is that what is being referred to?
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The 8800 while a fine camera is reported to be slow in reading and writing and focusing , plus the F5.2 at the tele end of the zoom just can not be good in a camera.

I would really recommend the FZ30, the noise in the photos is not a problem as far as I am concerned and about the same as the 8800.

Noise is the little dots you may see in a photo but it really is not visable in a well exposed photo viewed at a normal size or printed. If you view the photo at original size which on the FZ30 is 45 X34 inches you will see the noise but when do you do that unless you looking for the noise.

I just read a post here this AM that someone said they could see the noise in a print but I have never seen that,( even inISO200 photos printed at 8 X 10)so I do not know what to make of that.

If you want an ulttrazoom the FZ30 is the best available.

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Of course I am biased since I own the FZ 30, but I did carefully consider the 8800 (many times) before I bought the 30. I agree with the previous post. The write speeds, focus speeds, and low light auto focus on the 8800 just tipped the scales in favor ofwaiting for another camera. I know the 8800 is definately a step in the right dierction but in my opinion the 30 got to where the 8800 was going whereas the 8800 came up a bit short. Considering the natural progression of things for the money, the 30 offers more bang for the buck. Best regards,

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Two of the major digital photo mags' in the UK just awarded the FZ30 as best prosumer digicam. In one it beat KMA200 and Nikon 8800 plus three other digicams I'll see if I can geet a summary for you - the other thing to consider is that I have read the 8800 has been discontnued, although I could be wrong.



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I am so happy with my FZ30 purchase, and now the weather is great but I am stuck in my office all day! FZ30 goooood, coolpix baaaaaad. My 1.5 cents!
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