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I doubt that you'll ever find a case where 23X zoom isn't enough optical punch for you. At least not in candid type shots. If you are far enough away to want to zoom closer than the 23X optical zoom available to you, by setting to 3MP, I seriously doubt you would see any facial expression with the naked eye, to warrant a candid shot...if you follow my drift. At 5MP, you still have the power to zoom up to 19X so speaking for myself, shooting with the 30 for 2 months now, I haven't even had occasion to use the digital zoom at all. (beyond fooling around with it.) Have a peek at Tiger's last post. It's all optical zoom, and anyone can see what kinda punch that lense packs without even thinking digital zoom. Panasonic has no doubt forseen that given enough optical clout, digital wouldn't warrant a special set of buttons. (unless you have special desire to see those footprints on the moon or something....heh heh...:G) I'm curious to hear your thoughts after you've experimented some more with the awesome optical zoom. Best regards,

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Hi Nancy, I've read with interest your pro's and con's regarding the FZ30. I respect your opinions, but with all due respect I have to disagree with a lot of the faults you have found with the camera. I too had the FZ20 before this camera and felt it was a very able camera but it took some adjustments to get used to some of it's features. I have used the FZ30 for about a month now and it has taken some time to become comfortable with it's 'new' features. But I must say that I wouldn't want to go back now to the FZ20 after using the FZ30 ! I don't feel that any company will ever be able to come out with a camera that satisfies everyone. I'm sure that the next FZ model will incorporate some new features that you may like and I won't but that's to be expected. I have taken over 1500 pictures with the FZ30 and feel it is a camera that more than competes with any camera of any brand in it's price range. I think after you have used it for a while and become comfortable with it's features and abilities you will like it as I do ! I hope you don't take offense to any of my statements as none was intended I merely felt someone should speak in defense of the FZ30. Best regards, Jim
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Nancy, you have just G O T to check out the zoom shots on Tiger98's post!Digital zoom? fo gehdah bout dit!

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Jim, I would never take offense. I appreciate any criticism/analyses etc. I do know I will get used to the FZ30. Ultimately (even though if you read my field review you might think otherwise) I like all of the changes with the FZ30 minus the new digital zoom, and the manual zoom ring (which moves oppositely from my Canon zoom - this will drive me bonkers!). And also the infinite fps seems to be a bit slower, but that could actually work to my advantage. I am not crazy about my Canon's 5fps. For candid photography it is moving too fast (maybe for sports it would be better). I don't know why Canon didn't incorporate a setting so we could set it at 4fps, 3fps, 2fps etc. For candid head shots, I only need about 2-3 fps, more than that the consecutive pics look almost exactly alike, with very little difference. This just wastes my CF card! I will continue to shoot and post, and I am sure I will get to love the camera. Thanks again for your input. You can be brutally honest with me, I am a big girl (figuratively, that is), I can take it!
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Nancy I thought I posted this before but I will try again , I am a terrible typer.

but here are a few thing that my observations between the FZ20 and 30 are different

1..I found very little fringing with the FZ20 but even less with the FZ30

2.. While I used a minus exposure compensation with The FZ10 and 20 I do not find that necessary with the FZ30

3.. I also do not find the lack of exposure consistency with the FZ30 to be so, in factI find it does a great job ,and I PP much less with the FZ30.

4... Also I find the burst mode to be very similar to the FZ20 , not as fast as the FZ10 but very similar to the 20. (have you formatted your cards?)

5...I do not like the A mode but find the program mode to work great.

6... And the focus I use 1 area fast focus and find it almost never misses, in fact I went one day with a Tcon17 added ,I shot 343 photos with only 1 out of focus.

I just wonder if your trying a style of shooting more suited to the 20D than the FZ30.

But I do use different setting with the FZ30 than the 10 or 20.

With those I used spot meter and spot focus and with the 30 I use 1 area fast focus and center meter.

Maybe there is an Idea there ...maybe not.

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