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Dian, Those are some fantastic shots especially since you didn't use any add on macro lens! Nikon and Raynox will have their hit men out looking for you!
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Thanks Tcook, Corcoj, Sven and Jim for the nicecomments, I'm sorry for the late response cause I have sometrouble on my internet connection here..:-)

WOW Sven !!, that dragonfly (the caterpillar too..:G) must be in love with you, your wife might be jealous..(just kidding Lol...) !!, how you did that, that really amazed me. , btw, Sven, you're perfectly forgiven for mistakenly knowing me as a girl:Ghehhehehehhehehe...Lol,lol. I know in my country, dian's name usually belonged togirls(female)..(forgive my English). But this is not the case here, I'm a proud guy who used this sweetname ya'know.:G:G

Jim, you are scaring me a lot..:O:G


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Hi dian,
:?: it would have been nice, if you were a girl!
.. but just because we don't have so many females posting here!
anyway - your pictures are superb, they reveal to all of us that we don't need so much extra equipment to get good results!
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