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Found this while browsing. Very informative.

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Interesting, perhaps, but an utterly pointless write-up. The conclusions he drew were plain to see before investing that much time in a comparison. It's a waste of time to compare the two, they are in totally different leagues. It's comparing apples to oranges, in the most literal sense.

Anyone with enough money to spend on a 20D would already know whether or not that is the camera for them. The FZ-30 is a fine piece of equipment in most respects, but it is what it is. There are certain unarguable advantages to a DSLR, especially the 20D. To compare the two is utterly futile; they are not built for the same purpose. Obviously one is more cost-effective, but that's not the purpose of a digital camera comparison.

Informative nonetheless.
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I'm not sure it is that valuable either. They are just so different and don't really compete with each other. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. But no one seriously considering one or the other would compare it to the other.
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The article clearly put the two types of cameras in perspective.
Many readers will benefit from it. A darn good good heads-up.

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I am lucky enough to have both. And yes, they are two very different cameras. I need higher ISOs. The 20D is great for that. Also has auto tracking focus. I need that for my candids. Also the 5fps comes in handy. And of course the 8mp cmos sensor - not too shabby! The only negative of the 20D for me is lenses. I own the 17-85mm (which is made specifically for the 20D and dig rebel), and to geta larger lens would be very expensive. More expensive than buying the FZ30, that is how i justified the purchase.Canon makes a compact 100-300mm lens, and it is compact, which I need being that I am nothing but a meek girlbut the reviews on that lens weren't so great and the price is over $1k. FZ30 has that great zoom range!Plus the FZ30 has a lot of "consumer" features. Like the 1 trillion different scene settings. It is so much more fun, and it is the camera that I take on vacations. I also don't like taking my 20D to the beach. I haven't had to clean the sensor, but I bought all of the tools, and I am very afraid about having to do it when the time comes. Also on vacation to transfer and save images is easier with the FZ30/20 cause the file sizes are much smaller than the 20D. Also I do make some $$$ with my camera so I can justify the purchase. If you are an outdoor photographer, you might never notice the problem with not being able to shoot with a high ISO, but if you shoot even in a city (with large buildings) on an overcast day, you need about ISO400, sometimes I shoot @ ISO 1600 with the 20D, and the pics have way less noise than the FZ30 at 100/200. That is the most frustrating thing about the Panasonics (and I am sure other digicams, only I have never owned em). So that is my take on it. If canon comes out with a lens that is equivalent to ours, that is approximately the same size as ours, then I wouldn't have much of a need for the FZ30 - of course I would miss it terribly!
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I feel a little more important when I read about stuff that I own and view the comments with great interest. I'm amused that this discussion even got a foothold, for I wouldn't have thought that the two were competitors for the same users. I know about the 20d, have tried it, really am impressed with it too. I can say the same about the 30. I am pleased to see the comparison, tho, because each is very impressive for their own reasons.
( A N D this quick edit....it is my aim to have both one day, as well Nancy, just that for now I'm gonna do with the 30 on solo. I'm very keen to see if Canon will come up with the next logical improvement to the 20.)
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The comparisons are great but like everyone says, they are two completely different cameras. Sometimes people forget what the FZ camera is all about. To me, the FZ series has enabled me to get into photography. I have always been intrested in it but could never justify the expense nor had the desire to lug around all the equipment needed for a DSLR. Now I have a FZ15, TCON 14B, 6t, Monopol & Tripod, and a few Hoya lenses and that's all I will ever need to getgreat shots of whatever I want. I'm sure the DSLR has it's advantages, and some day I'll probably upgrade to a newer model but for me it's FZ's all the way.

Now, all I have to do is learn how to use what I have!

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