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bfrogers Apr 23, 2006 1:08 PM

Hello all,
I just ordered the FZ7 and can't wait to get it! I do lot's of action photography. Mostly of my son's that race ATV cross country and play Tennis. This is high speed racing through the countyside. Most of the time, the racing is in bright sunlight, but we can encounter any kind of weather with these events. Therefore I need to be able to capture lots of fast scenes. With our current camera (Kodak Easyshare and Canon A95) we use the burst mode a LOT! The participants are very colorful with the bikes and riding gear.

Does anyone have any suggestions for settings on the FZ7 for taking these kinds of shots? I will have about a week to play with it before our next event. Any info will be appreciated. Just thought I would get a heads up before the camera arrives.


P.S. I am really enjoying the forum.

Yogibear Apr 24, 2006 1:36 AM

Get yourself a Red Dot Scope. I own an FZ20 and also like to take action shots, and Ihated the fact that the display doesn't keep up with the subject in burst modeso you actually take photos in the blind. The 'panning' mode is quite OK, because itchooses a lowshutter speed and gives thus a nicely blurred background - only if you use a greyfilter or stacked polfilters when you're outdoorsof course, otherwise the effekt is nil.

For tennis shots, supposing you want to freeze the action, always use manual focus, and all manual settings to have the least shutter lag. Use the highest possible shutter speed. Be prepared to throw out 95% of your shots.

Good luck! Johan

genece Apr 24, 2006 7:18 AM

While I can agree with the RDS being useful its not necessary.....and while manual focus would be helpful with the FZ20 ..I do not think it would be necessary for the FZ7...its much faster focusing if you use a high speed mode. Or at least the FZ5 and 30 are and I would think the FZ7 would also be.

You will need to experiment to see if you need manual and if you practice you can adjust to the delay in the EVF, its tricky but doable....If you have trouble the RDS can be useful.

Now here is where I differ with the other poster....I would use eitheraperture or program mode and after practicing you may need to raise the ISO (maybe not).

But do not use any filters until you have mastered the picture taking part of this.

A UV filter to protect the lens would be OK but do not use a polarizer or ND filter as they block too much light.

After you see what your getting you may wish to ignore my suggestions , but leave the filters off until you can see a reason for using them.

The poster above apparently did find a reason to use them but I doubt you will come to the same conclusion

Oh and I would use burst mode in fact I use High speed burst mode about 90% of the time.

Yogibear Apr 25, 2006 2:31 AM

Light blocking filters while in panning mode outdoors are almost always necessary to get the 'speed' effect.

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