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Default Add a GF1 to My Kit - Or Am I Mad?

I just noticed that B&H has the GF1 (body only) at just over $400 right now (through most of January). I have also noticed that there are a fair amount of people who own both the GF1 and one of the EVF-equipped G-series cameras (G1/GH1/G10/G2/GH2).

The thought of a GF1 with the 20mm pancake (and maybe eventually the 14mm) is appealing... especially at this price. So I'm asking those who own both cameras - do you really get enough use out of both or did you buy the G1/GH1 and then fall in love with the GF1 when it came out and really don't use the first camera that much?

I'm really not into wretched excess and it's clear I really don't have to have a GF1 body as well. But I tend to do my camera-buying when models reach the end of their run and are about to be replaced. That's when the best deals can be found.

Whatever cameras Panasonic and/or Olympus introduce in 2011 will probably not be seriously considered my me for at least a year. And I would probably sell or trade-in my LX3 and TS1 if I go for the GF1.

So... does adding a GF1 body at this discounted level make any sense at all... or am I suffering from holiday-induced dementia?

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Samy's has the body for $299, so I couldn't resist. Now I'm going to spend a fortune on lenses....

The ergonomics of the GF1 is a little annoying, I keep pressing buttons accidentally whenever I grab the camera. But the few images I've taken so far have been very good.
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I would just wait to see the price drop more on a epl-1 with the epl-2 coming out. That way you do not have pretty much a camera that gives you exactly the same photo performance. Getting the GF1 does not give you anything. It has the same iso performance and image quality of what you currently have.
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No, you are not certifiable yet. So, not to worry. At $299 for the GF1 body it becomes a very interesting camera. In fact, it has my interest. I have the EPL1, but I dislike the "boxiness" of the camera shape. The GF1 seems to have better ergonomics.

Sarah Joyce
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