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Default Confused at the choices!

I'm studying cameras again, considering another purchase. There are so many choices in the Panasonic M 4/3 format that it's hard to tell the differences- and what each model's strength's are. I like accessable manual controls, video is not my main interest, and I don't need a touchscreen. Can someone help narrow down which would be my choices within those parameters- and what the major differences are in those choices??
Thanks so much!!
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As of this moment, the only two models that I could possibly replace my G1's with would be the GH2 or the new G5.

Both have the auto EVF and have the high ISO capability I now lack, but only the GH2 has the physical dials and switches that I need.

The GH2 has the multi-aspect sensor that makes using 3:2 essentially native and the image gains a mm or two in width. For my outdoor use, that's a big plus.

The G5 looks to be an excellent performer, perhaps equalling or exceeding the GH2. Physically it would seem to be better suited to the heavier telephoto and legacy lenses I use than the G3. It does seem to have added a number of additional function buttons to offset not having the dials and switches, but that's not going to work for me.

It looks like the only option I have is the GH2 and hopefully the yet to be announced GH3. If not, it looks like my next m4/3 will be an OMD.

Personally, I'd sacrifice a little performance for the larger body, grip, and control system of the GH2. And there is nothing like that huge EVF.
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I should have mentioned. Don't rule out the touchscreen. Mounted on a tripod outdoors in some awkward positions, that could be a dream to use with the articulating lcd. I could reverse my column and mount the camera upside down and drop it right to the ground.

Then use the touch screen to select the focus point, lock focus and then take the shot without ever using a physical control. I'd be using that all the time.

I want the touch screen. I just don't want "only" a touchscreen.
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The OMD has proven to be an excellent camera but it's pricey. The G3 is a good camera and a good value. Its AF is very fast and the EVF is super sharp but the ergonomics are not as good as the G5. The (now getting old) EP3 is another excellent choice but like all other PENs, no EVF so if EVF is a must (like it is for me when I shoot with MF lenses or in bright daylight), then the VF2 (external EVF) is the way to go but it will add some $$$ to your bottom line. Any of the older m4/3 models are now being sold at very attractive prices but they have a lot of limitations (whether the AF is slow or high ISO handling is poor or the EVF is mediocre, etc.). So, I'd stay with the newer models unless money is an issue.

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