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Default G3 noise reduction

Yesterday I was taking some pictures with my G3 and the Leica 25mm and noticed that the images were smudged a bit. Then I took similar pictures with my G1 and noticed that the images were much sharper (less noise reduction effect). Both cameras had NR set to -2. It looks like the G3 is applying a lot more NR than the G1 and as a result, the G3 images lack some detail when compared to the G1. So I went to dpreview to check their findings with regards to the G3 noise and noise reduction (JPEG). Interestingly enough, the graph shows a higher standard deviation at ISO 200 than 400. In fact, ISO 400 is a lot lower even than the base ISO when it comes to black noise irregardless of the NR setting (-2, 0, +2). I just don't get it. The worse part is that I think I prefer the IQ produced by the G1 (even with slightly more noise at higher ISO). Anyone experiencing similar results? Does the G3 really deserves all the buzz?

I just went to imaging-resource and compared the two cameras (under exposure/high ISO NR)...oh my God...the G1 is miles ahead as far as resolution goes. It pulls so much more detail from ISO 400 and up that's not even funny. It looks like there is a strong possibility that my G3 will end up on Craigslist or eBay. I'm just glad I did not sell my G1 after I bought the G3.


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