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Default GH2 v FZ150 vidfeo quality

I have read that for video the max sensor size used is 2mp, so all cameras are compressing the output (except the ETC setting in GH2)

I've just been watching some really excellent high quality videos shot with the GH2 -


First vid on this page http://forums.creativecow.net/thread/280/7371



all viewed at 1080 - that's the kind of quality I'm looking for!!

BUT, if only 2mp sensor size is needed, does the FZ150 produce similar quality?

(excepting low light filming which I'm not too interested in)
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Well i own both having recently bought A FZ150,i do a lot of wild life filming and although i like the GH2 i do struggle at times with its auto focus its not that good and manual can be awkward at times,the FZ150s 24X zoom is good and unlike the ETC on the GH2 the FZs inteligent zoom seems lossless to me,focus on the FZ is very good and i have not had to use manual.As for pq outdoors the picture from the FZ150 holds up very well and i have mixed footage in films, the only thing i notice on the GH2 testing a recording on a detailed scene in 720P/50i AND 24P is that 50i showed more detail than 720 and 24P more again than 50i this is not startlingly obvious though,but with the same test on the FZ15O which here in pal has 50i 17MBPS like the GH2s/50P 28 MBPS/and mpeg 4 25P 20 MBP i can see no difference in the sharpness detail which is a little strange but i use 50i and find it good.This is strictly an outdoor camera for which it is good.
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Originally Posted by Stingraynut View Post
BUT, if only 2mp sensor size is needed, does the FZ150 produce similar quality?

(excepting low light filming which I'm not too interested in)
You have to consider when viewing images and videos shot with the GH2, what lens was being used. With the FZ150, it's pretty obvious since the lens is not removeable, but with the GH2 one can use anything from the el-cheapo kit zoom to a $2,500 Olympus professional-level zoom from the DSLR system to anything in-between, and you can bet any top quality video has had some sort of editing done to it.

It's not as simple as a comparison of the two cameras. From a strictly simplistic view, the FZ150 is an all-in-one unit you do not necessarily need to add anything to.

The problem comparing videos online is, many typically have to be additionally compressed to upload to the web and do not reflect the true quality when viewed at home at full-resolution, where I have absolutely no doubt the GH2 is capable of quality well beyond anything the FZ150 is capable of, but it does need the right lens and the right user to maximize that quality.
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Pana micro four third lenses can hold there own and better others if we are talking sharpness and resolution,lenses like nikon dslr may give a softer more filmy look although the pana 20mm is good in both areas,one thing for sure the new high bit rate with the 1.1 update is good.The GH2 does have more resolution even before the update,
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