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Default How does the autofocus of a G3 compare to a low-end DSLR with a long telephoto zoom?

Hello there.

Everybody is talking how the autofocus of the m4/3s is fast, and now with the new Olympus claiming the Af is faster than DSLRs (what imho is a big lie ), I'm very curious... I searched on youtube for videos showing how fast it is, and googled for comparisons, but couldn't find anything conclusive.

So, I'm asking here, for Panasonic owners...

How does the Af of a recent m4/3 Panasonic camera compares to a low-end DSLR with a low-end telephoto zoom lens? Is it suitable for action at all?

Thank you.

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What would interest me- with regards action- is whether or not you can track the action in continuous mode via the viewfinder/LCD- without which,renders the autofocus speed at best secondary- useful for a quick,candid,single shot only.. or a burst of a fidgety subject staying put- say a bird washing in a puddle...!

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AF speed also depends on the lens. When I first bought the EPL1, I thought the AF was real bad. Then I switch the kit lens with the Lumix 14-45mm and AF was way faster, I have the G3 and find the AF to be instantaneous even with the 45-200mm. The camera struggles a bit with the Leica 25mm in low light (which is very surprising) but not with the 14-45 or the 14mm pancake. I find it to be just as fast (if not faster) than the DSLRs I had but my last DSLR was a Sony A300, so I'm sure the newer generations have faster AF. I just don't know if they are faster than the G3.

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