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Default I'm so excited...

I have been looking, reading and reviewing just about every camera out there for about a month now. Every new release coming out as well. I have always been a mega zoom girl that depended on a the camera to "take the photo". I finally decided to break my habit of the mega zoom and purchased a Panasonic G3. I like the way it feels and it has a viewfinder which is a must have for me. Short of me selling my first born to buy a camera, I think I made a good choice. My shiny new camera will be on my doorstep when I arrive home tomorrow!

I am reaching out to the experts to ask a couple of questions. Will I ever get my hands on the Panasonic 20mm 1.7 lens or are these never to be seen again unless I shell out 500.00 on ebay? Can I get suggestions on a good telephoto lens to purchase? Ok, I swear I am not going backwards with the telephoto lens so feel free to tell me I don't need the telephoto lens. I am new to this type of camera and would not take offense to information and suggestions.

Thanks in advance!
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congrats on the camera
sorry i cant help you with your questions but im sure someone here will be able to help.
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Thanks Kazuya! I'm sure I'll figure it all out!
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I've bought the G3 a few months ago and I have very mixed feelings about it (more negative than positive unfortunately). On the positive side, the AF is fast (and for the most part accurate), the camera is small, light and with good ergonomics. However, its good high ISO performance (as many claim), is debatable. It comes with a very high price tag, which is a tremendous loss in resolution. If you go to imaging-resource and compare the G3 against the old G1 in terms of high ISO, you'll see that their results show the G1 pulling a lot more details at ISO above 800 than the G3. I also find the G3 to severely underexpose. In order to improve IQ in terms of sharpness, I have to increase exposure by +0.66. That's a lot considering that on the G1 I usually underexpose by -0.33. If that's Panasonic's way of improving DR, I very much dislike the approach. With all that said, I'm curious as to what your impressions are once you get your new camera.

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Congratulations on your purchase, Lee. To answer your question, B&H Photo in New York has the Panny 20mm f1.7 in stock as of today:


And so does Adorama... also in New York:

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