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great info here. I just posted a thread not even realizing that it was the same question that was posted here. haha oops.
noob with a olympus EPL-1 with panasonic lens's , 14-42mm and a 45-200mm. Teach me something please
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You good people out there!

One of the best arguments never to part with my trusted 14-45mm instead of the new 14-42mm is its MOUNT!

As far as I know, the new 14-42 has only a plastic mount and this is just not good enough for me, changing lenses frequently, one has to have the assurance that the lens mount is STURDY and SOLID.

My son in laws camera toppled (when on the tripod) not so long ago, fell to the ground and his plastic-mounted lens broke right off just where the camera meets the lens. I am not saying a metal mount would have prevented damage, but for me - this is a VITAL point!

Why do you think Panasonic switched from a solid metal-mount to plastic? Not because it is an improofment, but because it is cheaper and easier to produce.

Something to think about...?

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I also play soccer with my lenses ... and metal mount gives the better kick ... but plastic mount less blue toes.
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