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Default Picked Up a G2 On Closeout

This July 4th holiday weekend, I gave my G1 to my niece, as she had expressed a lot of enthusiasm for the camera in recent months and wants to get involved in the photo hobby. I was delighted to be able to facilitate this. No regrets.

Now, I had a new G3 on order from Panansonic Direct at the time. But frustration at having waited two months for the new camera, along with rumors of a rangefinder-style MFT camera from Panasonic with a built-in viewfinder, caused me to cancel the G3 order last week.

This left me without a G-series camera body to use with my larger MFT lenses, like the 45-200 and 100-300. So what was I to do? I could wait a month or two and still buy a G3 (probably at a higher price) but it might be too close to the true GF1 replacement that I'm really waiting for... and the larger lenses might still not be an ideal combination. I also could buy a GH2 now for even more money.

Or I could pick up a G2 body for $299 on close-out. This immediately gives me a larger G-series body for my bigger lenses, leaves me with enough money to potentially pick up the true GF1 replacement if it comes out this year... and doesn't cost so much that upgrading to a GH3 next year (assuming it's a deal-changing camera) would be out of the question.

The G2 is an interesting camera - kind of the overlooked middle child. It's essentially a G1 with modestly better ergonomics, the addition of a touch-screen LCD and 720p HD video, and slight improvements in high ISO noise (via jpg processing since the sensor is the same).

But since my G1 wasn't a problem for me, the G2 should mean I won't be chomping at the bit for the next Panasonic MFT cameras. And it keeps intact my record of paying literally pennies on the list-price dollar for all of my MFT camera bodies.
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