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Default A touch screen question

How do you feel about the new breed of touch screen cameras?.
It wasn't long ago that we were buying screen protectors, in fact with my current DSLR the salesman said that I could protect my screen from marks and scratches by turning it inwards.
Now it seems we are encouraged to put our fingers all over them, personally I'm not sure it's progress or more of a gimmick.
I'll be interested in your take on this,is it good or bad ??
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Old Nov 19, 2010, 10:36 AM   #2
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For the most part I consider it a gimmick. There is one instance where I would consider the touch screen a benefit in some cases, and that would be on a tripod and being able to touch an area on the screen to shift the focus point instantly.

Right now I am using a Pen E-PL1 but am considering a G2 to have the fantastic built-in EVF and access to the hot shoe to mount my Olympus FL50R flash at the same time for flash photography. Other than the above-noted instance, I would never use the touch screen option.
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Old Nov 19, 2010, 11:01 AM   #3
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Touch screens have a market. Consumer electronics have been going down that path and people like it. It also allows for updates / changes via firmware rather than mechanical changes - maybe not in-model but from model to model. I think it can make sense for cameras that already lack viewfinders.

But, I don't think they make as much sense when you move up the food chain of cameras. For example, when shooting with my DSLR I can make changes with wheels and joystick without taking my eye out of the viewfinder. So ergonomically going to a touchscreen doesn't make sense. If you already have the mechanical pieces, touchscreen doesn't buy you anything so even menu navigation really gains nothing by going touch screen vs. mechanical interface.
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Old Nov 19, 2010, 11:11 AM   #4
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I agree. The main point is, have you actually tried using the touch screen? I think most of them are resistive, plus they use they're own poorly built software. Now, when they find a way to hook an ipod touch type device on the back, then that will be awesome (also opens up wireless sharing, etc). Those sort of devices have a very well thought out UI and high quality touchscreens. But cameras without quality will be a long time before they come in to use, becasue the experience is terrible right now.
I'm am sure that eventually we will see cameras coming out with a form of android, which would certainly open up the possibilities. That or camera phones will replace compacts (which will happen eventually).
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Old Nov 19, 2010, 5:04 PM   #5
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Touchscreens may be a gimmick, but it is useful on the Panasonic G2.

The ability to select the focus point with a touch, and also selecting the point that you want to enlarge when focusing a manual focus lens is very, very nice.

It will also allow you to select the point you want to enlarge when reviewing stored photos.
In the case of the G2 (and the GH2), the touchscreen interface provides increased FUNCTIONALITY when using it in the real world.

The ability to touch a point on the screen to fire the shutter I have found to be of limited usefulness.

The movement between one stored photo and the next can be done using a flick of the finger, like the ipod touch/iphone, but I consider this more of a gimmick.......
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Old Jan 4, 2011, 2:19 PM   #6
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I guess this would be considered a gimmick, because all of us are old dogs, most of us remember dark-rooms, black & white photography, Kodak Tri X at 400 ASA and the smell of developer, stop- and fix-fluids...

Need I say more?

Of course this is the way all change and progress is going.

Old dogs will resiste as long as possible and call it "useless, no need for it, too gimmicky, etc. etc" - while this new generation now-a-days, which is buisy touching their touch-screen mobile-phones, i-pads and i-pods all day, will embrace this technology also in photography!

Just my 5 cents...
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Old Jan 4, 2011, 2:24 PM   #7
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The one true advantage I could think of was that it would be very handy for selecting focus points in live view.
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No photographer is as good as the simplest camera. ~Edward Steichen
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Old Jan 4, 2011, 3:18 PM   #8
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we all need to be careful not to fit ourselves into the luddite camp. slr's have changed mightily in the past 10 years and some photographers obviously don't like it. i have some issues with some of the changes but i try to maintain an attitude that if it's not quite right now, it will be one day. in particular, many features that were born and raised in p&s are now migrating to dslr (live view, evf, touch-screen, scene selection, video and more).

some photographers don't want features. at least not new ones. some love 'em. as for touch screen? it's not on my want list. if having it took away from a feature i wanted (like buttons), i wouldn't buy it. if the touch screen is capacitive, like the iphone, try that with gloves.
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Did you purchases a G2? I'm interested in your reactions as an E-PL1 user.
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