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Default Where do I find GH2 FirmWare-update for an CA-ridden digital Oly-lens?

Hi folks!

I am the owner of a GH2 and not so happy anymore, after I bought a used Olympus ZUIKO DIGITAL 11 - 22mm f/2,8 - 3,5 in very good condition - which I connected to my GH2 with the original Four Thirds Adapter MMF-2.
All very nice and fine. Everything works, AF and aperture-functions and so on.

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Before I bought this lens, I studied the lens-tests* that I could find on the Net and thought it would be fine for my landscape-photography. After two days of "testing" this combo at home I find that there is much too much CA Chromatic Aberration (green and purple) all over the place.

I have never seen so much CA (being used to lenses from Nikon and Panasonic, which "sort out" any CA problem in their FirmWare (I think...?). So I thought I would try and update the OLY-lense's FirmWare maybe this would help.

From within the right download-page from Panasonic I followed the appropriate link to the "OLYMPUS Lenses firm update for Panasonic camera body":

But to my surprise i CANNOT find the Olympus ZUIKO DIGITAL 11 - 22mm f/2,8 - 3,5 lens anywhere on this page!

Anybody has an idea or suggestion in this respect?

And, yes - I checked that my GH2 has the latest FirmWare version 1.1 from 2011/12/7 - so the CA cannot be the camera.

*In this test (link above) the readers review rating for this lens was very good. It stated amongst other things, that: "Superb sharpness, CA, distortion; fast, wide; dust and splash-proof; vast DOF with Four-Thirds"

Thank you for your thoughts on this!

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The Olympus site doesn't have a firmware upgrade, so I wouldn't think that Panasonic has one either.


Maybe you got a bad copy. Otherwise, I don't know much more.

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Thank you Dan Ka. I appreciate your comments her.
No. Panasonic doesnt have on either, they just link you to a Olympus-site that has all these firmware updates. Like this one here: http://www.olympus.co.jp/en/support/...olylens.cfm#zd

But the problem here is that this particular lens is not on the list.

Thanks again, Dan Ka!
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