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Default Worth Upgrading to GH1 for $399?

Adorama is offering some leftover GH1's (body only) for $399. There aren't many left and there's a very good chance they'll all be gone by the time I get any real feedback and make up my mind. If that's the case, so be it.

As you can see in my signature, I have both the G1 and GF1 (both purchased at steep discount as leftovers). Now, just so you won't think I'm losing my mind, I wouldn't be adding a third Panasonic micro four-thirds camera to my kit. The G1 would probably find a home with a niece. I could always pick up a used 14-45 or 14-42 kit lens for her.

The G1 doesn't do video but, clearly, I can do 720p video with the GF1. We all know the GH1 does 1080i video. That's not critical, either. But I am interested in still image quality with the GH1 vs. the G1. The cameras have different sensors. Is there enough difference to bother upgrading?

The new GH2 is very nice as well and, I'm sure, offers even higher image quality. But I'm not sure I want to bother with all those touchscreen controls. Plus it's expensive, meaning I wouldn't pick one up until it was being phased out as well - which is a long way off.

Any rapid feedback would be appreciated.
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A fairly simple decision to me: if you care about video, then go for GH2, G2 or GF2; their new HD processor now really does AFC. From what I've seen, GH2 produces significantly sharper photos too, and colors look more right.

GH1 does better video than GF1 but it is still far behind GH2 and its photos are absolutely not worth extra $400 than GF1's.

The new ETC feature in these new models is a must to have, especially for video. Why we went for M43? Size, of course and ETC finally made that promise true. Without ETC, lenses are still too large, it does not matter how small the body can go (the Sony NEX, for example).

No need to explain more on ETC for video, but most of people mistakenly think it is just digital zoom for photos. They also think post cropping can do the same. Very wrong. ETC can let you get more accurate WB, exposure and focus to your targets. Now you can really live with just a pancake, unless your photos are for huge prints. BTW, digital zoom is still an option in the menu.

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