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I think you will not see a built in EVF as good as the VF2 if the rumors are true the next pen is a even more entry level m4/3. You still need room for the screen and spacing for the eye pieces. And the pen concept is keep it small. You may be able to know of 15 percent of the VF2's size if you put it into a larger body, as you will get rid of the pivot and contact point, and get the plastic spacing down. But it can not be much smaller. If they put a evf into the economy pen, it will be smaller like the g10 or gf1's evf size. Not as large a viewing area. Which is an issue for me know as I have moved into wearing glasses as I get older.
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I have the G1 and find the EVF to be good enough for my needs. I'm sure the VF2 is better but I still like the idea of having it all in one piece (and not having to pay extra for it).

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I feel the same way.

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Originally Posted by Biro View Post
...Current G1 owners - or those who have traded up - any thoughts?
Only you can answer this question best, as only you know what of, and how you take pictures.

I can only speak for myself, and I never hide the fact that I am completely G1-biased. IMO this is a very good camera - compared to the technology you get, compared to the size, weight, and prize paid for it. The articulated LCD is just great fun, and so handy! But then, 99% of my shots are of landscapes that do not flinch, move about, run away or close their eyes just as I pull the trigger...

I have recently bought the last double-kit G1 here in Norway, for a very reasonable prize as I wanted the 45-200mm for my present G1 anyway.

Go ahead and buy this G1 - You will regret it if you don't!

Concerning the high-ISO stuff discussed here. After reading hundreds of test about this issue, I was not only under the impression that this was so, but I was convinced that my G1 sucks when used above ISO 800 - and never really tried it out...

Recently I was forced to do some shots both at ISO 800 and ISO 1250 at a party (handheld and without and with flash) - and yes, it came out reasonable.

The thing to remember is - Do NEVER underexpose when using high ISO - this will create grain in itself. Use the exposure-compensation and shoot 1/3rds or 1/2 of an EV on the pluss side, and you will be surprised what goes on in that little camera....

Best of luck!

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