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Can't go back in time :sad: I see where AutoStitch does some fancy math, but seeing that the two frames are probably close, or that they would look fine butted together, may require pattern-matching AI.

AutoStitch just refused to match them, which is better than PhotoStitch who tried to angle the shot with a 45-degree rotation, but then gave up one or two frames later.

Is there a how-to on fixing goofs like this?

I suppose I can use PhotoImpact or the like to copy a just-big-enough-strip from the next frame so that the bad seam is mid-frame. (Unlike IrfanView, PhotoImpact 10 does stitching, but for something with this extreme an aspect ratio for web presentations it's much more pleasant with something that can deal with barrel distortions and focal lengths, and that can generate VR-like results.)

If the weather holds this weekend, there are a couple of local panoramae I want to take, with a tripod, namely my city's Town Commons, outward looking and inward looking...
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Chesler you should try something with a little more "manuality".

Panasonic (Lumix) users have Panorama Maker 3, which allows you to select 3 control points between images, if something has gone wrong. It does fairly much better than Canon Photostitch (and equally fast).
Or you can try Autopano Pro 1.2 or 1.3 (search forthe website) which seems great.

PTA is instead really too slow in rendering and too complicated and longin using for most of the amateurish and semi pro aims.


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Thank you. I will look for these. That (control points) is exactly where I want the break between my wetware for pattern matching intelligence, and the software's warping and mixing.
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