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Default Failure rates

Iíve found that the major reason for failure of a panorama is the same as for any other shot: poor focus, shake, Ö If any one shot in a panorama fails, the whole panorama is a failure. If the failure rate for individual shots is IFR, the PFR (panorama failure rate) is:
where N is the number of individual shots in the panorama.

The table below shows some results of that formula
 Failure    Number of Shots
   rate     2   4   8  12
   10.0%   19% 34% 57% 72%
    5.0%   10% 19% 34% 46%
    2.5%    5% 10% 18% 26%
    1.0%    2%  4%  8% 11%
    0.5%    1%  2%  4%  6%
As an example, if one percent of your individual photos are failures, 11% of your 12 shot panoramas will be failures.

In addition, there are stitching failures, but many of those can be fixed or hidden. Iíve found focusing error to be the single largest cause of panorama failure Ė mostly by not locking the focus so the cameraís autofocus fails when pointing at the sky.

The numbers in the table show why a tripod is useful for panoramas Ė not because of rotation about the nodal point, but to allow small aperture for depth of field while avoiding shake.
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Default Interesting stats.


Do you focus for each image in the sequence, or do you set the focus manually and leave it for the sequence? For example, in shooting a line of buildings half a block away, with the equivalent of a 50mm lens, it takes me about 10 shots to get a 180- deg. view.

Would you focus on each building so that the line of buildings is always in focus, or would you focus on the one perpendicular to the camera and lock the focus there?
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