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If the exposure settings are different in adjoining "frames", the same features that match at the edge where they are blended together will be exposed differently. At best that will be odd without a fair amount of manual manipulation. It can be done, but that is the hard way - much the same issue as trying to deal with HDR in the first digital photos you ever take.

So Yno, what you are suggesting can be done, but I would strongly recomend against it when starting to figure out panoramas.
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Yno wrote:
...some of the shots may be perfectly exposed, but some may be under and some over exposed. Wouldn't it make more sense to have each shot at the proper setting for that view?
One way out of this would be to fix the exposure for the set, but bracket each shot (preferably, but not necessarily, on a tripod). That way you'll have three (or more) sets of images. If there's much variation in optimum exposure, so that some frames are unacceptably under or over exposed, you'll be able to choose from the three sets once stitched exactly where the under or overexposure is least unacceptable.

That's using one one set of fixed exposures at a time. If Autopano Pro does what itspresentation says, one might even be able to mix up the sets for a better result.I haven't pursued my severe temptation to get it yet.
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Bill and Alan, what you say makes sense. Once we get out of the rainy season here in sunny California I will give it a try. I was just thinking, though, of a panorama at the shore, where the end frames would be angled away from the sun but the center frame might have some very bright reflections on the water. I guess the best thing to do is experiment. Digital film is cheap!
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