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Default spinning car

Anyone have an idea how to create panoramic photos of a cars exterior? Iím thinking about taking between 8 to 12 shots of my car and posting it on the net so it would spin around. My concern is how I can keep the size of the car consistent as I make my way around the car. Thanks for any input.
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well you could measure and mark where you need to shoot from (according to the measurements)

how you would measure it i have no clue.....but......sounds like a really cool idea! show us if you can do it......
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Old Apr 8, 2004, 7:52 PM   #3
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Default spinning car shots

I haven't tried it, but I've seen some of the car shots your talking about and they have always been done in macromedia flash. looks like it would be a lot more forgiving than a virtual tour or pano.

I always assumed that I would tire a rope to something heavy that would sit under the center of the car. Keep your tri-pod centered over the end of the rope and just move the rope around the car - that should keep the center of the car equally distant for every shot.
I haven't tested it - but I'm thinking of doing the same thing, and in my head it works - I think it should anyway.
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There are a couple factors you need to consider. First, for practical considerations you will need to mask out the car on each shot and use a uniform artificial backdrop to drop the images in. As for maintaining the same distance for each shot, simply find a convenient distance and have an assistant hold a length of rope. Tie a knot in it at the proper distance and have your assistant line the other end up with the edge of the body. Choose the number of frames for your 360 pano and have your assistant simply move the edge of the rope and hold it at the edge of the frame so you can center thetripod on the knot at the other end. 16 frames is usually sufficient for a good 360 pano and the distance doesn't need to be absolutely precisebetween shots. A few inches either way will not make a significant difference, but maintaining adequate depth of field is paramount.

Once you have all the shots, cut out the car (use the eraser, etc., with PhotoShop) and apply each shot to an identical backdropexactly centered. Finally, create your pano.

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erismann of switzerland has done this with roundshot super 70(old model) on rails!
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