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I went out today in the hopes of shooting the same scene/frames with different camera and mount settings to learn a bit about the process of taking nice panorama's.

Unfortunately a problem cropped up that I never anticipated. I found a really interesting view of our new Port cranes & railroad yard. I thought not only would the picture be interesting but it would have a lot of lines running at all angles.
I set up my tripod on the sidewalk of the railway overpass, got everything leveled out, did a quick check of what I think was "pretty close" to the nodal point then snapped a 180degseries of pictures. One thing I noticed right off was that the sun was at myright shoulder. I took them anyway just as a test of the camera's automatic settings. Then I swung back to the left a bit farther to try to capture 3 or 4 with the sun square at my back however here's when it got interesting.

A Port Police officer showed up, asked what I was doing & for my ID. While he's writing down my information a PD unit from the neighboring town shows up, then another port officer...another PD unit from town....State Patrol drives by checking things out then the Port Police van shows up with what I assume is their Response Team (4 very eager looking fellows). Only the first officer and I are talking, pleasantly I should add not interrogation style, then he asks me to not take any more pictures which I readily comply with. While I do understand my rights I did not feel like debating the finer points of the Constitution while wearing flexi-cuffs. I say that in jest as I was NOT cuffed, nor patted down or required to empty my pockets/camera bag. All in all they were very professional and I think understanding however it was clear that this wasn't something they took lightly.

When I asked about getting permission to take personal photos I was pointed to the PR office of the Port. I didn't really feel like going over there and finding out what they had to say about permission but probably will in the future.
I had planned on heading to the airport to take a few pictures of the jets but I have to say I'm certainly not entertaining that idea at this time!

The only series of shots I took were very bad (exposure wise) so I think I'll go find a less "secure" area to take test shots next time. I did try to get a panorama of all the officers but they smiled and gave me a firm, no thanks.
So that was my first panorama trip!
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DanTanna wrote:
A Port Police officer showed up, asked what I was doing & for my ID.
This is getting really silly, all over the world. I found myself a few weeks ago photographing the new Scottish Parliament building (a bit of an architectural marvel, though I notice it has scaffolding here and there, so its M£400 cost didn't extend to making it last).

I wasworrying a little whether I'd be arrested, on security grounds, until I realised that this was one of the major tourist sights/sites of Scotland, photographed hundredsof times a day.

If they want people not to take photos they should say so, and/or keep people out. Did you hear about the organised tourist group of British planespotters who spent a long time in a Greek jail last year?
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Things are getting a bit nuts. Easy to understand why - the boredom that comes from sitting watching securty videos will make them grab at any excuse to get outdoors.
DanTanna wrote:
... I took them anyway just as a test of the camera's automatic settings.
The only series of shots I took were very bad (exposure wise) ...
Did you shoot without locking the exposure/f-stop/white balance? If so, that will make for very difficult matching. Still be OK for nodal point testing though
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