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Default Kaidan's 360One VR

If you're in the business of doing 360-VR panos for the web then check out the Kaidan 360One VR system. It's a tad pricey at $995 but - if you're doing two 180 hemispheres with iPix software and paying their per-pano royalty fees - and plan on doing this as a business - the 360One will end up being cheaper in the long run.

The iPix stuff simplified the 12-14 picture process down to two, the 360One further simplifies it to just ONE shot. Granted if you want the ultimate pano then nothing beats 12-14 hi-res images stitched together, but ... if all you need is a good 360 VR pano for a web page, then check out the 360One.

Living in Florida and dealing with 90+ degree afternoons with 80-90% humidity it is a pure joy to be able to just jump out of the (air conditioned) car, setup the tripod, take one shot and then dive back in the car again. After taking 12-14 shots with a pano head I need to take a shower.

If interested then check out the 360One VR system review

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That looks like the way to get web panos quickly.

Even Kaidan's single axis pano head costs more than I want to pay considering the amount I would use it, so I built my own. Turned out that it was fairly easy to convert to a dual axis head. No where near as good as Kaidan's, but no where near $500US either.

If anyone is interested, I put a few notes at http://www.geocities.com/bill0drew/panohead/index.htm
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Default 360 One VR has a focused problem, or not?

Hi, I'm from Spain and the first I would like to say is SORRY FOR MY ENGLSH.

I'm new in this forum, new with the Nikon Coolpix 4500 and, also, new with the One 360 VR (I have received it yesterday!!)
I have made several attempts to get a good focussed photo with the 360 One VR mounted on the camera. With the settings recommended by Kaidan, the results are not in all good, the big problem that I have found is that the camera don't focussed well the 360 One VR optical center. Perhaps I'm wrong and the quality of this system is limited.

How do you think about this?

Thanks in advance!!

PS: Steve, really you are the One and Only, incredible website!
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Default 360 One is okay

I've been using the 360 One for more then a year now. I was one of the first handful to get one. I use mine with a Nikon 995. I like it is simple to use now that they have the Photowarp 2 software so you can do batch processing of your images. It does have limitations, flair is always a problem, all the surface area exposed all the time our shooting is a huge drawback, and dust on the lens turns into major problems once the images are processed. I shoot hotels, restaurant, and real-estate and I have to edit all of my images in Photoshop to get them to look better. Some images I just have to reshoot because of strange flair problems. I am going to be getting a macro lens so I use the camera with my Canon EOS 10D this weekend. As far as turning it into a piece of equipment to shoot off easy 360's pics I'd recommend it.

Two things I would also get: A circular bubble level from Ace Hardware, makes balancing the lens easier then any other type. A real pistol grip head, I use a Bogen 3665 pistol grip head with 3001Pro legs, Worth every red cent.

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Old Aug 21, 2003, 4:40 PM   #5
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@Steve and all of you....

Is that product nearly the same as Kaidan 360 one...?

They say it's the same... and + i see that it does 115degrees horizontal compared to 100 for the kaidan.


595$US instead of 995$US !

I'm waiting for advices guy...thanks in advance.
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Hi Steve,

you wrote: "Living in Florida and dealing with 90+ degree afternoons with 80-90% humidity it is a pure joy to be able to just jump out of the (air conditioned) car, setup the tripod, take one shot and then dive back in the car again. "

I've just returned from two weeks holiday at Venice, FLA, and I'm wondering what happened to:

jump out of (air conditioned) car (or house) with cold coolpix and
teleconverter lens, and wait twenty minutes for lenses to warm
up and condensation to burn off. In that time the alligator/blue heron has gotten bored and gone elsewhere.

your experience would be of interest
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If you're just trying to shoot quick 360's of real estate, intersections, parks etc. The one shot system provides an opportunity to get that shot in less than 60 seconds. I'm sure Steve meant you can get a quick shot off before the condensation starts to build up on the lens or your face.

I've done over 200 panoramas in Florida myself with the iPIX system and didn't have many problems. In my case once the camera warmed up it stayed warm in the bag. The point of this post was to demonstrate how quick the one shot system works.

Panorama systems and techniques can provide either very good quality or very quick speed but seldom both, the exception being panoscan but not many people want to spend $20,000 for shooting 360's. The trade-off with the one shot system is a loss of quality in exchange for fast production. It's not a good way to catch a winning shot of an alligator or bird as any amount of detail is lost beyond about 10 feet.
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