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scuzate me my bad english !

i have a BIG passion to 360 * 180 degree panorama ( spherical ,cubic panorama )

i don't have any experience with Fisheye Converter optics ,but i'm study over two years theoreticaly focal range
and equivalent in 35mm photography ,angle of view and more.And i have a sony camcorder with wide angle
conversion lens ( VCL - 0630 S ) with focal lenght by the factor 0,6

i think ,my camcorder with : ( Lens with Focal length 3.3 - 33 mm When converted to a 35 mm still
camera 42 - 420 mm ) with wide angle conversion lens ( VCL - 0630 S ) at maximum wide angle ( 42 mm ) become :
42 * 0,6 = 25,2 mm
25,2 aproxiately equal with 24 mm
24 mm is 84° diagonal and 74° * 53°

with my study theoreticaly with Fisheye Converter optics i became to conclusion : if the focal lenght is down to
7 mm ( When converted to a 35 mm still camera ) or even smaler ( NIKON says about Fisheye Converter FC-E9 :
focal lenght --> 35mm equivalent: 7mm (Coolpix 5700), 5.6mm (Coolpix 5400) and angle of view --> 183 degrees
(Coolpix 5700), 190 degrees (Coolpix 5400) ) ,I CAPTURE FULL CIRCULAR FISH - EYE IMAGE WITH + 180 degree
( < 180 degree ) !!

i have chance to project 2 Full circular fish - eye image at the same time to same ccd from one camera with
2 Nikon Fisheye Converter FC-E9 or 2 Nikon Fisheye Converter FC-E8 aranged diametral opus with 2 mirror at
45 degree ?

maybe with digital SLR with 23.7 x 15.6mm (APS-C size)

i think the ccd size and lens front diameter matters for my idea

i have atached one picture to explain more well ( my english is very bad )

i put this question because i have see at : http://www.coastalopt.com/ in section : custom lens capabilities -->
--> Typical Projects ( LINK : http://www.coastalopt.com/cust_02.asp ) a camera picture with an objectiv like my
idea !!

please ,please answer me !!!!

THANK YOU very much aticipated !!!!

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Interesting idea(s). I don't know enough about optics to voice an opinion about how (or if) it will work. I doubt it will be trivial to design and build.

There will be at least two problems with this system:
1) the camera will be in part of the view
2) the two lenses are not at the same location so there will be parallax.

Neither of those problems are unsolvable, but will put limits on the kinds of photos that can be made. Close subjects will have to be in only one of the two "frames". Generally you will want to shoot with the camera pointing up so the problem with the camera is in the image of the "floor", the least interesting part of the subject - just where you want to put a logo/advertisement/...

Let us know how your project goes and show some examples if you get it working.
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Your idea is an interesting one, however, there is no way such an arrangement could work with converters. The prime lens only becomes a fisheye with the converter precisely in place as close as possible and optical quality is marginal, at best, even then, with lots and lots of chromatic aberration expecially away from the center of the image. The unit shown on the Coastslopt page appears to be using their own designed fisheye lens with an image circle of almost 15mm. Put two of those side by side and you would need at least a full frame camera to accomodate them. It is also not clear how they are getting them side by side since mere angular reflection would cause perspective distortion and depth of focus problems.

BillDrew's idea of shooting straight up is an interesting one. My own experience is limited to using the circular fisheye mode with the adapter on my Coolpix 4500. I am more interested in the one-shot-panorama idea than the spherical idea and have experimented with using the circular fisheye shooting straight up and unwrapping a 360 panorama from the perimeter of the image using the circular mapping filter in Photoshop. Image quality is marginal but interesting for landscape use which is my interest. Also helps to convert to monochrome to reduce the distraction of chromatic aberration. (Helps to choose a single color channel.)

Going back to your original idea and expanding on the idea of the tripod adapter which allows swivelling the camera precisely for two successive shots; it might be more profitable to think about some kind of swivelling mirror arrangement in front of the lens with fisheye adapter in place. Such an arrangement might allow more rapid capture of the two needed images, even though not simultaneous, and would not disturb the basic optical arrangement if tthe camera. Depending on how such an arrangement is implemented, might still be handholdable too.

Hope some of this helps. Keep up the creative thought, the panorama arena seems to generate a lot of interesting ideas.

Richard S.
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