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This is my first post to the forum as I'm just about to upgrade my Ixus 500 to a EOS350. My question isn't about the camera but what software to you use to stitch photos together to make up panoramic pictures. Does this choice change if it's a 360 decree picture or just a large composite image?



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I use photoshop, but I do it manually, so I can get it exactly like I want it. I do think that PS has a panorama feature, maybe the newer versions CS or CS2.

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Attached pano was generated with Arc-Soft Panorama Maker which was included software with an Epson printer. It is of the San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery, Iam a member of the VFW Honor Guard for militay funerals one day a month. Seven photos were used taken from three different positions and cover about 270-300 degrees, there is no spot giving a view of the entire cemetery. these photos were taken with a Nikon 995 withno thought of making a panorama so its 99% luck. I have tried several times with a DSLR and a KM A-200 and never got anything near as good.
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I use either Canon's software or PanoTools with PTAssembler (the last free version). If Canon's software works, I don't go for the heavier guns. In the linked image, Canon's software had problems with the gravestones. PanoTools/PTAssembler got it right the first time.

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