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Your pano is to wide (about 180 degrees) to be able to produce a rectilinear projection of the whole thing, but here is the comparison of the center section in both cylindrical and rectilinear projections:

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Bilzmale, I just tried this little Autostitch program you mentioned after seeing what it did with my pictures. That is one BIG little program!! I am really amazed at what this program can do with so little effort from the user's standpoint. Just select the pictures and that's it.

Bill, I am well aware that my shot cannot be put together in a rectilinear projectionjust for the very reason you mentioned: too wide. Kind of looks odd too because there are lots of distortion at the ends.

Thanks to both of you for your help.
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i had a go with ur images......hope thats ok

the big problem is the distortion on the images, the left side dont match very well with right side of next.........i managed to keep the trees and lamps pretty verticle but nothing u can do with the curb, maybe if u lowerd your possition in which u took the shot the kerb would be more level, i have a similar shot i want to do in a local village

anyway here is my effort , had to crop top and bottom because of distortion once i had skewed the images and had to cheat with the tree to right of tower as that wad real bad, not perfect in no shape or form just thought id give it 1/2 hour to see......hand done in photoshop !

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