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Default Small Panorama

Ok, while I was out taking pictures of a local area, I decided to try and do a panorama. Though as a first attempt and without a tripod nor a fancy high-end digicam this is what I got after stitching it.

You can see the colour variations, and the left side kinda came out funny. But I post it cause I want to be able to learn how to do decent ones, if it is possible with the camera I have. Which is a Hp Photosmart 620

I used a picnic bench as my tripod and slowly tried to rotate the camera without disturbing much.

Thanx for the info!
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I don't see color variations, but you should be fussier about things that other folks don't always see. Enjoy yourself, pay attention, and you will figure it out.

What is the field of view? I'd guess something a bit over 100 degrees based on the amount of curve in the path/berm/road/... in the foreground. Not sure what you mean by "the left side kinda came out funny" but I suspect that you are looking at the effects of a cylindrical projection. Try shooting some buildings/row of houses/line of telephone poles/ ... that have a fairly uniform height to see what happens.

There are a whole bunch of techinal issues about panormas - don't let them get in the way of figuring out where to stand when you are shooting one.
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