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For 3d photography try searching for anaglyth that will put you into a whole world of 3D photography including 3D glasses to view stills and video.

I am still trying my hand and it is very interesting. Lines going away will always converge in the distance.

To inhance a shot to make it appear more natural take a leaf from an artist. Objects in his forground will be created more intence than those further back .

A digital camera does not seem to have the ability to fade objects in focus gradually further afield and tend to give a sharp flat look. If you have an aperature adjustment experiment with it.

Also when taking pictures for stitching take one with one eye and one with other eye as you rotate and choose the best of the pair to include. We only see in 3D because of the way our brain interprets the information from two sources. it triangulates. If our eyes were furtherapart we would be able to judge distance much better.
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Late entry :-)

I complained that wide angle lenses distort, as you said. My friend said no, they are recording accurately. "Straight parallel lines don't meet, right?" he said. Now stand in the middle of a long, straight stretch of railroad track. Look in one direction, the two parallel tracks have met in the distance. Now turn around and look in the other direction, and they also meet in that direction. But that's impossible, because straight parallel lines don't meet!

We do not see railroad tracks as straight lines -- we only interpret (correctly, unless something is fooling our "eyes" [actually fooling our processing]) that the curves we sense with our visionare straight in "reality", and we do it so naturally that without an experiment like above we don't even know we're doing it. (Which is a Good Thing: those of our ancestors who stopped to think about binocular vision while they were swinging through the trees tended to get eaten by lions instead of reproducing.)
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