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It seems like there are two options for buying original case for the S4i: the "leather case with metal strap" and the "soft case". Pentax Scandinavian says the "soft case" doesn't really fit the S4i, since it was made for S/S4 which has different position for the strap hook. I ordered the former one (with the metal strap), but finds it too large (i.e. it is 28mm in depth, while 20mm would fit the Optio perfect, why on earth???) and it is open in the ends!! Anyone who have experience with the soft case, does it fit the S4i?


PS. The metal strap is cool, though...........
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I am also curious about this.. I would really love a slip case for it which would suit the s4i like a leather glove, but I can only find this large hard leather cases...

I still want the cam to be compact!
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Old May 4, 2004, 8:36 AM   #3
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Wehave two leather cases for our S4i.We have the Pentax PTX-L40 case as shown at Walmart.com:


In the U.S., this PTX-L40 case is slightly cheaper (with shipping and handling) if ordered directly from Pentax.

The Pentax case is a bit snug for the S4i. The camera must be pushed down into the case. I have accidently turned the camera on more than once while tucking it into the case. As I have gotten used to it, however, this has happened less and less. The Pentax case is made from soft leather with a velour lining that stretches enough to accommodate the camera. The belt loop on the back of the Pentax case is fairly narrow -- wide enough for most belts but too narrow for the buckle of a fanny pack to be threaded through. The front pocket of the Pentax case has room for an SD cardwith holder and for a spare battery.

We also have the generic case shown in the following eBay auction:

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=43442&item =3813686601&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW

The generic case is a perfect fit for the S4i. It is made from somewhat stiffer leather than the Pentax case but also has a velour lining. The belt loop on the back of this case is wide enough to accommodate a wide belt or the buckle of a fanny pack. Unfortunately, this case has room for nothing but the camera.

We find ourselves using the Pentax case most of the time. We use the generic case when wearing a fanny pack. Then, we put the spare battery and SD card in the fanny pack.

I hope this helps.
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Old May 4, 2004, 9:17 AM   #4
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Ritz Camera sells one that fits pretty tighly. It is made by Body Glove and cost something like 25.00. I don't know if it is on their website but it is in the stores.

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Old May 19, 2004, 4:21 AM   #5
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Did you guys know that the S4i fit's perfectin a empty sigarette carton?

I was joking with a friend of mine that my new camera is as small as the carton of his sigarettes that he had in his hand; but when I thought about it and eventually even tried it it seemed to fit like a glove!

So if you need a cheap and 'cool' case for your S4i, just use a empty sigarette carton
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Old May 22, 2004, 10:26 AM   #6
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S4i fit almost anywhere even the made famous box of Altoids

My wife (she was the one that desired the pursable Camera) found nice leather cases @ Ann Taylor. Think they were meant for make up stuff. Quite attractive, she choose white.
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Old May 26, 2004, 12:12 PM   #7
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I bought this case a couple of months ago, and it is perfect. Especially if you want to get the most benefit from the small size of the camera by using the smallest case possible. I highly recommend it.

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Old May 26, 2004, 7:25 PM   #8
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I made a case which is probably better than any off the shelf case. Bought for less than $4 a small hard plastic bottle of coffee pot cleaner, brand name Dip-It. With utility knife cut off top of bottle so camera just fit through opening. Added some foam at edge so will not scratch camera. Cut off bottom to minimize size then plugged with foam and duct tape. Duct taped on small diameter black bunji cord with length such that if dropped from pants pocket height does not reach ground. Landyard for clipping to pocket or belt etc. Fits camera snugly adding just slightly to dimensions, very light, tough.

http://f1.pg.briefcase.yahoo.com/[email protected]

Select folder: Public Files David

Select images: S4i_case.jpg
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Old May 29, 2004, 9:18 AM   #9
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The S4i apparently does not fit into the Altoids box any more. A box that perfectly fits for the Optio S4i ist the Grether's Blackcurrant Pastilles box. I think this Swiss cough sweet is distributed world-wide in drug stores and pharmacies.
The size of the box is: 1,25 * 3.9 * 2.45 inches. I added a thin foam padding in the bottom and in the cover and then lined the inside with a self adhesive plastic film with a flocked surface. The strap can hang out of of the box even with the lid firmly closed.


OPTIO in the Box
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