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I recently bought the S4i. I have not printed out any pictures, but the ones I have on my computer definitely appear somewhat "soft". Should I take advantage of Abes of Maine's superb customer service and exchange the S4i for the Casio? I haven't really considered any other cameras because of size. Actually, the only reason I chose the S4i in the first place was because it is smaller than the Casio.


Any idea when Steve is getting his 2nd S4i to review?


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Well, I have not tested the Casio, but I know that you MUST use the docking station for both power/charge & USB, while the Pentax use separate USB connection. That connector also works with a AV cable so that you can connect the Pentax to your TV. The Casio cannot. The Casio menus are also said to be a tragedy.

Yes, the picture quality is not ***, you should compare yours with what is available on the net. Steves are definitive little worse than mine.
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My S4i isnot soft. Steve said his was in his review. It seems that some owners have this and other not?

I would switch for another same or **camera of your choice.

The main motivations for s4i over casio and most other miniture digi

Over Casaio

Remote Control and Video Out

Over Others

Tripod mount and Close Macro, and Size.


The Casio is nice, Canon Elph, And Sony Just came out with a W1.

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Old May 26, 2004, 8:13 PM   #4
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I looked at some of Steve's review test images and as reported saw some out of focus at the left edge. With some of the images it was difficult to tell due to the subjects. His choice of close up targets in the mini review was not useful at the edge. My frames are focused across the frame. However if I shoot a flat close up from several inches away, the edges will be softif the camera chooses the wider aperture. Regardless of the mode selected it will always choose the wider aperture unless the scene is quite bright. There is no way to otherwise force the camera to use the small aperture in order to get more depth of field. That was a disappointment to me since I like to shoot closeups on a tripod. They have all those selectable modes for different conditions but most seem to be just marketing gimmicks.

An accessory for remote shutter control is the infared Remote Control F which works from within 15 feet. One issue with taking pictures of closeup targets like flowers or insects is to use a tripod so the camera is not shaking. But since these targets can move from moment to moment one also needs to be able to actuate the shutter at the correct moment. Fingering the shutter button when mounted on any suitable tripod for closeups is futile because it would shake the camera despite the tripod. With a normal SLR one would use a shutter cable release. With these small toy digital cameras there is no such adaptors. However the RC F could have worked except it unfortuantelyhas a poorly engineered 3 second delay.
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I hope Pentax has the good sense to send Steve another camera – and soon.

The Casio has the same lens. If the softness is a manufacturing fault in the lens you could end up in the same boat.

Try exchanging it for another camera. I have an S4 and the pictures are sharp. Some people get good shots with the S4i and others have edge softness.

The corners are always soft in both the Pentax S series and Casios that use the same lens. It is hard to see in most pictures and doesn't detract from the pictures IMO. The one Steve tested had one side very soft in several shots. That is a fault that has plagued occasional cameras throughout the S series. The entire image shouldn't be soft. If you are getting the edge softness you might try trading for another one.

Do you have a site online where you could put some of your images full size?
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Old May 29, 2004, 11:25 AM   #6
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Trust me, after STeve's scathing write-up of the S4i, Pentax isn't going to send him anything that's short of perfect. Thus, it will not be representative of the camera in general. Personally, I would have picked up another from a retailer with a generous return policy.
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bakpakr one is better of with the similarly price Remote E that also controls Zoom.

On the matter of the Delay there is not one if you have S4i set correctly. There are two remote modes, one with a 3 second Delay and one with out. Simply choose the one with out and snap snap away.
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