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I just purchased an s4i from butterflyphoto.com for $289 (free shipping) yesterday. I expect it to arrive tomorrow or the day after.

But I'm having second thought now since I found this forum and some people said s40 took better pictures. And it is actually $80 cheaper!

I've done *HOURS* of research on the net before finally deciding on an s4i. I chose s4i over s40 mainly because of its size +bigger LCD + battery (I don't like AA batteries). I wasthinking how cool it's going to be to have a camera that fits in an Altoid can. Does it really ? Can someone confirm about this? I read different opinion on this. But now I'm wondering if it's worth $80.

Please tell me I didn't make a mistake

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I'm not sure about the s4i, but I have the original Optio S, and it does indeed fit into an Altoids tin - that is in fact the only case I have for it, and it works very well.
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They both have the same lens system, with the S4i having the more sophisticated electronics and capabilities. The S40 doesn't take better pictures than the S4i. It is entry level, and there are better cameras in that size. There isn't anything smaller and lighter than the S4/5 that is competent.

When you get your camera look carefully at the images displayed 100%. The occasional camera with that lens has softness on an edge, and the only way to correct it is to send it back for exchange. Steve got a bad S4i, and might have gotten a bad S40 as well.

Expect a little corner softness. It doesn't really affect pictures unless you copy documents or posters. There isn't usually anything in the corners, and when there is a slight softening actually improves the picture in most cases. Old time film photographers purposely softened and darkened the corners a little to give the pictures more impact. But if an entire edge is soft return the camera. Assuming you don't get the occasional dud you will like the camera.

It fits nicely in an Altoids tin, and I recommend using one if you are going to carry it in your pocket. Either use the Altoids tin or make sure nothing else is in the pocket and the LCD toward your body.

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