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I'm a relatively inexperienced user of an Optio s40 and I'm having some problems with the memory card. When I turn the camera on the screen reads "Memory card full" however when I hit go into the playback mode to try and delete some images the screen reads "No image and sound". I have tried removing the memory card and using my computer to delete some things as well as changing the batteries but neither of these had any effect. Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.
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If you've already copied the images from it and want to start out with an empty card, try formatting the card using your camera menus (Setup, Format).

Don't use your PC, since it will default to FAT32,which is not supported by your camera.

If you do ever need to use your PC to format media, make sure to select FAT as the File System Type for this model. Personally, I don't recommend writing to a memory card using your PC (for deletes, format, etc.) since sometimes the operating system can cache writes to the media, depending on how the driver for the device is configured. This can result in corrupted media under some circumstances.

I always format my memory cards using a camera's menus prior to every use. This insures I always start out with a Fresh File Allocation Table, with a format that's exactly how the camera is expecting it (since the camera is doing the format). This is usually just as fast or faster as deleting the images before reusing a card anyway.
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How do I erase a read only file from my digi cam. I use the built -in memory of the camera. tanx.
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did you ever get a reply about this? my optio is doing the same thing. it said the memory was full, but when i tried to view all the pics it said it was empty. i tried this on the camera and also on windows explorer. i couldnt take pics because it was saying it was full. i reformated the camera on the menu, and now i only get the error message "no image or sound" after i take a pic. i can take pics now and do not get the message card full message anymore. how do i get rid of the no image or sound message? i know very little about formatting if anything at all. thanks anyone!
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