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Default Any advice about the S4 vs. the Canon S400 or another camera

I am dying to get a camera but am floundering with ALL the choices! A friend has a Canon S400, keeps it in a camp soap box and loves it. I recently heard of the Pentax S4 that can fit in an altoids can!? Those are likely 2 of the many options. How do you decide? Some of the things I am looking for, if you could offer 2c of advice!?

Simple to use - not going to use different shutter speeds, etc. Just looking for a good point and shoot.

Want it to be able to do movies w/ sound - 30 seconds minimum?

Small, but does that make it more subject to the slightest wiggle /blurring when taking pictures?

Another friend that is big into photography said to look at cameras with at least 4 megapixel. We aren't expecting to blow things up more than 5x7 or 8 x 11 at the most, but it would be good to have that option.

Quality optics / durability - I've dropped our old point and shoot 35 mm and it's kept going. I personally don't like mechanical zoom - seems like another point of failure / chance for the lens to get out of alignment?

I've read the reviews for the S4 and S400 and can't decide. Am I missing something? Anything else a better choice?!
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For photo quality, of course S400 is better ! BUt for smaller size, then S4 is better ! So depends on what you need ! S400 have AF assist light, 15 seconds long time exposure and can record 3 mins sound movies ! S4 can only record only 1 mins movies and don't have AF assist light ! So depends on what you need ! I personally suggest S400 more ! :P
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I have heard and read that, i.e. picture quality is better on the Cannon but the Pentax is smaller. The question is, how much better is better? If I am only going to use the camera for family pix., vacation, etc. is the quality still good, can the untrained amateur eye tell the difference?
From the sample pix in the review, they both look great to me.
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Originally Posted by Birdman325
From the sample pix in the review, they both look great to me.
Then I think you would be happy with either. Steve doesn't do anything special taking the pictures. Just the default settings in program or auto I think.
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