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Default Digital Filters????

Can a more experienced Pentax person pls explain abt digital filters on the 555 as it is at the top of my list at the moment.
Is it possible to use as polarizing filter?
Can the colours be used to enrich a sky,beach, (blue) what abt a storm, would purple work, the idea seems to have great possibilities
or is it for something else????????
Q2 Is it easy to point and shoot with this 555 and I don't want a tripod to cart around :?:
Q3 my next choice is Olympic c 750 but becauseof camera shake I thought the pentax would be easier to manage.
Any suggestions,answers, would be very much appreciated.
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The 555 doesnít take filters. No small camera with a retractable lens I know of does.

I personally have no use for digital filters. I want all of my pictures in best color. If I want B&W or some funky cast I can easily do it in Photoshop.

Filters you canít really duplicate in an image editor are the polarizer and IR. Iíve seen tutorials for getting an IR effect but they arenít the same. You can easily get the rich blue sky of a polarizer in Photoshop but you canít that easily remove reflections.

I wear aviator style polarized sunglasses. I just rotate the glasses until I get the best reflection removal and then hold them over the lens at the same angle. Works fine. Here is an example I took early last year: The top is obviously without the polarizer and the bottom with the glasses. Look especially at the trim and top as well as the rear window: http://www.pbase.com/image/15070822 I made no color corrections Ė auto white balance did a nice job. My Polaroid glasses are pretty neutral though.

Carrying a polarizer would defeat the purpose of a pocket camera IMO.

There are probably situations on really dark days where you would have trouble handholding at full telephoto unless you went to a high and noisy ISO. 5X is at f4.6 max where the Oly 750 does 10X at 3.7 Ė a little better.

You donít always have to shoot at 10X with the Oly. You would always have the full zoom on a sunny day and just have to drop back if there wasnít enough light. Unless you do a lot of nature photography you shoot more at wider angles than you do at 10X anyway.

I like having a small camera I can carry everywhere. The great camera you have at home isnít much good when a photo opportunity is available.
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Thanks slipe
the polorizing sunglasses sure made a difference.
I have read about that many digicams, but so many 3x optical not as many 4x or 5x. in the camera shop they are recomending kodak6490 but somehow it's not quite what I want . Will continue to view recomendations at this address. Thankyou for your imput.

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I have a Optio 555 and I just picked up a Cokin's FilterFast kit. It includes a filter holder that screws onto the tripod mount and 2 filters, a star filter and a sunset filter. There are more then 80 filters for this system, including a linear polarizer and a circular polarizer. Here is the URL for the FilterFast. http://www.cokin.com/ico10-p0B-AN.html
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